Halloween Treat #01: Jack and Sally for Bong/Bonga

Jack and Sally for Bong and Bona, for DAZ Studio and Poser (Character textures only, no clothing or hair included)


Usage: Should be used only for non-commercial projects because these are recognizable movie character likenesses.

Required: Bong and/or Bonga

Info: Two textures each for Bong and Bonga inspired by Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also included are a few fits for Bong (which also work on Bonga) for several free props.

If you own Bingo for Bong, you can use some of the morphs with the Jack and Sally textures. The mouth images do not line up with Bingo’s mouth morphs, though, so it’s probably best to avoid those.

Below are the texture options. Bong has a second skin suit option and Bonga has a face option with more pronounced scars.

temp-bong jack 01 temp-bong jack 02

temp-bonga sally 01 temp-bonga sally 02

Fits for Bong included for the following freebies (click on image to go to download page):

headware-angry-mans-hat headware-arachlace headware-morphing-hat

Credits: M4 Tuxedo,ย Susie’s Rags V4, boot textures from Dark & Light, and Eternal Kyra Hair. Clothing converted with XDresser 4.0.


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