Treat #02: Pippin and the Candy Bucket

Halloween poses for Pippin, for DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.


figures_pippin-basket props_trick-or-treat-bucket-th props_hobby-horse

Info: Poses for Pippin using the candy bucket (and one pose with the hobby horse.) There are eight pose sets for the “Pippin vs. The Candy Bucket” theme, though they’re not really all that adversarial. 😛 As a bonus, I added four Trick-or-Treat poses, with mirrored versions, using a Pippin-scaled candy bucket.

A matching facial expression for each Trick-or-Treat pose is included, and also for those Pippin vs. The Candy Bucket poses where Pippin’s head is visible.

Pose #02 from the first set will need to have the candy bucket and hobby horse props parented to Pippin after the presets are applied, to the head and right hand respectively. A few of the other poses can have the candy bucket parented to Pippin’s head and/or hand. Parenting the bucket and Pippin to a null works too.

Applying the preset to the candy bucket for the Trick-or-Treat #02 pose is a little more involved:

  1. Load Pippin and the candy bucket (doesn’t matter if it’s the M4, V4, or K4 prop.)
  2. Apply the positioning preset for the bucket to the left or right hand, depending on which pose you’ll be using.
  3. Apply the hand pose.
  4. Parent the candy bucket to the corresponding left or right hand.
  5. Apply the #02 A or #02 B pose preset to Pippin.
  6. Apply the matching #02 Bucket pose.

Some adjustments may be necessary for shoes and clothing.

More previews inside….

Pippin vs the Candy Bucket, aka (Mis)Adventures With the Candy Bucket
Bonus Trick-or-Treat poses (with mirrored versions) and expressions

Credits: Stand from Pumpkin Avenue, Pippin Tights and Mary Jane Shoes, and Pippin Romper. Pumpkin denim tile from Judibug’s Halloween 2010 Fabric Kit.


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