Halloween 2014

This is Halloween 2014!

I forgot that I did a Jack and Sally theme last year for Halloween too. Oh, well. This time it’s via Bong and Bonga, who could always use a little more love.

Updates will be more haphazard than last year. My bad. Probably should’ve started on these projects a month earlier.

Credits: Bong’s wearing the converted M4 Tuxedo and Arachlace. Bonga’s wearing the converted Susie’s Rags V4 dress with the boot textures from Dark & Light and Eternal Kyra Hair. The backdrop is A Curious Dead End. Adorable toony bat brushes by Lileya. Font is P22 Stanyan.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that new visitors to the REC blog might also want to check out last year’s Halloween freebie listing.

Halloween Treat #01: Jack and Sally for Bong/Bonga

Jack and Sally for Bong and Bona, for DAZ Studio and Poser (Character textures only, no clothing or hair included)


Usage: Should be used only for non-commercial projects because these are recognizable movie character likenesses.

Required: Bong and/or Bonga

Info: Two textures each for Bong and Bonga inspired by Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also included are a few fits for Bong (which also work on Bonga) for several free props.

If you own Bingo for Bong, you can use some of the morphs with the Jack and Sally textures. The mouth images do not line up with Bingo’s mouth morphs, though, so it’s probably best to avoid those.

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Tyger Tyger for Casual M4 TShirt

Tyger Tyger, for DS and Poser


Tyger Tyger burning bright, 
In the forests of the night: 
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
— William Blake

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use.

Required: Summer Casual M4

(Site currently down for maintenance; hopefully it’ll be back soon. Unfortunately, the outfit isn’t at elleque’s Renderosity freebies.) Site is back!

Info: Two shirt textures. I was messing around with coloring the tiger from this set and liked the end result. Decided to do something with it.

More Halloween WIP stuff

What I started working on tonight. (Sorry for all the w.i.p. posts, but I love Halloween and I just have to do this. I can’t help myself or something.)

Jack and Sally for Bong and Bonga. Not quite there yet on Sally, who, btw, started out as a google search for “zombie color palette.”

wip-bong-jack01 wip-bonga-sally1

wip-bong-jack02 wip-bonga-sally2

I wish Bonga had eyelashes, but my attempt to paint them on was tragic so I’ll be skipping that. She still needs an additional face scar and maybe smaller eyes. These are non-commercial use because they’re recognizable trade marked movie characters, but still fun to play with. Bong makes a surprisingly good Skeleton King.

Pippin’s pose set is kind of themed as “Pippin vs. the Candy Bucket.” Little Pippin, big candy bucket…there will be misadventures. So far just rough poses with no refining.

wip-pip-vs-candy-bucket-01 wip-pip-vs-candy-bucket-02

On the left would be “Hey! Who turned off the lights?!” (or maybe Pumpkin Head Zombie Pippin, for the zombie fans.) On the right, it’s the terrifying Headless Horse-Pippin! This one is giving me grief; scaling the hobbie horse to fit Pippin’s short little arms is a challenge. Prop is AgeofArmour’s free candy bucket, scaled up to about 135%.

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WIP: Haunted House Poses

Started on these, since it was a lazy holiday weekend full of BBQs and way too much chocolate. First go-round, with not much fine tuning.

wip-hh-m4v401 wip-hh-sadiesam01 wip-hh-genesis

M4/V4 bases, Sadie/Sam bases, and Genesis base male and female shapes. The V4-to-Genesis pose converter utility from ShareCG worked very nicely, though fingers need adjusting. I seem to have lost the expressions in Genesis…not sure what I did there. I’m used to making pz2 and fc2 files, so I’ll have to figure out how to do separate body and face poses for Genesis.

wip-hh-m4v402  wip-hh-sadiesam02

A view of V4 and Sadie, looking a bit terrified too.

I’ll probably do a couple all guys, a couple all girls, and the rest mixed. 🙂

Edited to add: Next grouping; again, no fine-tuning yet and only the M4 base version so far:


I’ll put further updates inside…

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