Favorite Freebies: Halloween 2014

An “update” post, since I’ve downloaded a number of great Halloween-themed freebies during the past year. Not all are new freebies (though new to me.) I skipped the toons last Halloween, so I’m also adding my favorite toony Halloween freebies.

Figures, Characters, and Textures

H2014-Bone Horse H2014-daemonessa-sss H2014-m4cr-Narcisse H2014-martian-attack H2014-Sawn-Off-Stan H2014-Stan-Thr3e

Bone Horse || Updated Daemonessa (at DAZ, not free anymore)|| Narcisse M4 || Martian Attack Genesis2 Male || Two new free add-ons for RDNA’s Stan (who is not free but very nifty): Sawn-Off and Thr3e

Notes: The Bone Horse comes with a saddle and harness. Narcisse is a full character for M4 (edited to add: except for the mouth and eye textures; I just substituted Stan’s.) The small promo doesn’t do it justice: it’s a face emerging through a mouth. Creepy goodness! I don’t use the Gen2 Male much, but I love that Martian Attack character. Sawn-Off and Thr3e are face-only textures; you’ll need the rest of Stan for these to work.

Character Accessories

H2014-headless-cyborg H2014-slit-throat-v4 H2014-gargoyle-cane H2014-arachlace H2014-fang-pendant H2014-fang-ring H2014-gaudi-filz-hat H2014-halloween-maks-m4 H2014-witch-hat H2014-stan-skull-hat H2014-toe-tags H2014- candy-bag

Headless Cyborg || Slit Throat Prop || Gargoyle Walking Cane || Arachlace || Fang Pendant || Fang Ring || Gaudi Filz Hat || Horror Face Masks M4 || Witch Hat || Stan’s Skull Birthday Hat || Toe Tags || Candy Bag

Notes: Maybe your Headless Horseman can be a futuristic cyborg. Classic vampires would find the gargoyle-headed walking cane very stylish. The fang pendant and ring use Poser-specific materials, so DS-users will need to adjust for this. The Gaudi Hat would make a great scarecrow topper. The Skull Birthday Hat is for Stan’s third birthday (even creepy killer clowns have birthday parties.) Toe tags for your morgue zombies!

Scene Props

H2014-bloody-hospita- rm-1 H2014-bloody-hospita- rm-2 H2014-coffin H2014-Faded-Old-Billboard-1 H2014-Faded-Old-Billboard H2014-antique-lamp H2014-dirt-grave H2014-grave H2014-grave-stones H2014-grave-stones2 H2014-grave-stones3 H2014-Haunted H2014-old-house-wall H2014-web-prop H2014-hanged-mans-tree H2014-old-wooden-cart H2014-antique-barber-chair H2014-antique-barber-pole H2014-antique-razor H2014-horror-lab-addon H2014-spookys-chair H2014-bag-chair-halloween H2014-iron-cradle H2014-kittycandle

Bloody Nurse Scene || Bloody Stretcher || Coffin || Faded Old Billboard || More textures for Faded Old Billboard Textures || Antique Street Lamp || Grave Dirt || Grave || Gravestones #01 / #02 / #03 || Haunted House || Old Wall Backdrop || Spider Web Prop || Hanged Man’s Tree || Old Wooden Cart || Antique Barber Shop Props || Horror Lab Add-On || Spooky’s Chair || Halloween Textures for the Bag Chair || Hai Gan’s Iron Cradle || Kitty Candle Centerpiece

Notes: The Faded Old Billboard is a classic horror scene-setting prop. Vampires need gas lamps for their moons over Bourbon Street. The Old Cart would be useful for “bring out your dead!” scenes. Old barber shop props to get your Sweeney Todd on. If you need body parts in jars, the Horror Lab add-on will do the trick. Iron cradle for those Rosemary’s Baby-inspired renders. It loads a little funky in DS and will need some adjusting along the Y-translation. ShareCG has a lot of texture add-ons for it.

Halloween Toon Stuff

H2014-glutton-boo H2014-patches the cat H2014-toons-scary-eggs H2014-cookie sugar candy H2014-cookie-clown H2014-cookie-fleur-noir-conforming H2014-cookie-ragdoll H2014-cookie-skeleton H2014-cookie-witch H2014-count-chipula H2014-pippin-boo H2014-pippin-clown H2014-pippin-witch-hair H2014-pippin-rabbit-suit-halloween H2014-pippin-TC28 2 H2014-sadie-frankie H2014-sadie-face-paint H2014-sadie-sian-halloween H2014-Sadie-Witchie H2014-sadie-pretty-eyes H2014-sadie-halloween H2014-sam-robin H2014-sam-superman-1 H2014-sam-superman-2 H2014-patches-halloween-set H2014-gumdrops-jaki H2014-gumdrops-sali H2014-MF-Chair H2014-coffin-bookshelf H2014-toony-furniture

Glutton Boo || Patches || Toon Textures for Rotten Eggs || Sugar Candy for Cookie || Cookie Clown || Conforming Version of the dynamic Fleur Noir Dress for Cookie || Cookie Rag Doll || Cookie Skeleton || Cookie Witch outfit || Count Chipula || Boo for Pippin || Pippin Clown (Pippin, Page 7) || Pippin Witch Hair (Pippin, Page 6) || Halloween textures for the Pippin Bunny Suit (Pippin, Page 5) || Gothic textures for Pippin’s TC dress || Frankie for Sadie || Face Paint Sadie || Halloween Add-On for Sian for Sadie || Witch Face Morph for Sadie || Pretty Eyes for Sadie || Halloween clothing textures for Sadie || Sam Robin || Sam Super #01 / Super #01 || Halloween Cats for Patches || Sali for Gumdrops || Jaki #01 / #02 for Gumdrops  || MF Chair || Coffin Bookshelf || Toony Furniture (site gone)

Notes: Ghosts and cats are Halloween staples (lots of texture add-ons for Patches at ShareCG.) The texture add-on for Rotten Eggs has a cute pumpkin egg. The Cookie Witch outfit comes with a broom, hat, and cauldron. Count Chipula includes the outfit, hair, and character texture. Boo for Pippin is a ghost outfit with a few poses included. The Halloween add-on for Sian also includes a skeleton texture for the hoodie from Sadie’s Hoodie Outfit. The textures for the mixed clothing pack include freebies as well as paid-for items (Sadie Fae-Fantasy, Lady Sadie — also here — and Witch Star Hat.) Sam’s texture sets are for purchased items; links included at the download pages. I don’t have the Gumdrops installed, but Jaki/Sali are too cute not to add — and the Sali download also has the dress! Included a couple furniture props that would be good for spooky toon scenes.


H2014-trick-or-treat-poses H2014-v4-ragdoll-poses H2014-creepy-poses-m4 H2014-many-dead-poses H2014-dod-sugar-skull H2014-Stan-Skull-Cake H2014-candy-bag-props H2014-brain

Trick-Or-Treat Poses K4/V4 || Ragdoll Poses V4 || Creepy Poses M4 || Many Dead Poses for V4 / M4 / M3 / V3 || Sugar Skull prop || Skull Birthday Cake for Stan || Candy Bag || Brain Prop

Notes: I’d thought about making K4 trick-or-treat poses for K4, then remembered I’d downloaded this great set of poses last year. Turn V4 into a creepy doll with these Ragdoll Poses. The pose set for M4 would work well with the REC Haunted House poses, and the “Many Dead” sets are great for adding piles of corpses to your renders. The sugar skull is for the Day of the Dead celebration rather than Halloween, but I included it anyway. And look! Stan has a birthday cake to go with his hat…all he needs is an axe / bloody axe (Day 15) or chainsaw to cut it into pieces for his guests.

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