A few more 2014 Halloween freebies

I updated the 2014 Halloween Update post — 😛 — to include several new freebies that are really nice, as well as to add some toon-ish related ones that I forgot to add the first time around. Click on the thumbs to go to the download pages.

H2014-brain H2014-candy-bag-props H2014-patches-halloween-set H2014-gumdrops-jaki H2014-gumdrops-sali H2014-sam-robin H2014-sam-superman-1 H2014-sam-superman-2

Edited to add an update to the update for the update, LOL! I just visited Renderosity, where I immediately bought the cool new V4 Dolly texture, Poisen’s new PumpkinZ (and his older Screaming Trees) and then saw this in the freebie section:


The first three are new — I love the skeleton texture for Patches — and the rest are older. (I’m especially happy to see the new Slit Throat prop because I was mourning the loss of Bucketload3D’s Bloody Choker and Seamy Choker — I used the first one in this old test render — an old Shocktober freebie that disappeared somewhere along the way.)

I don’t have Gumdrops installed, but the Jaki/Sali sets are just too adorable not to mention. The Sali set even comes with a dress. (I’ve now added Candy/Gumdrops to my wishlist at RDNA.)

The Sam texture add-ons require commercial products — My Hero Sam and the Sam Clothing Pack. Most Sam users likely have at least the clothing pack.

Gone are the days when the big sites — DAZ, Renderosity, RDNA, Faerie Dreams/Faerieywylde — hosted annual Halloween freebie fests. I really miss those. RDNA still has Halloween-themed freebies, but it’s not the same as the old Shocktober daily surprises. The DAZ/Poser community used to be a lot more fun. Maybe folks just got worn out making stuff like that.

Anyway, looks like the only other sites doing Halloween freebie fests are The Fantasies Attic and A Dragon’s Breath. (Pamela/Dragonbreath passed away in 2016.)

This October was, for me, too busy for lots of freebie making. I’m still working on a few more projects, but they might not be done in time for Halloween. Real life ambushed me — and, as I’ve mentioned a couple times already, I should have started working on these at least a month earlier than I did. Lessons learned!

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