Took my PumpkinZ for a test drive already! I love this prop — it’s both creepy and funny.

These are the Halloween-themed products I’ve bought so far:

oct2014-bast-anubis oct2014-ravage oct2014-m4genesis-zombie oct2014-the-cat oct2014-my-little-dolly oct2014-monster-socks oct2014-city-of-the-dead oct2014-ripped-n-torn oct2014-m4-shipwrecked-shorts oct2014-crime-scene oct2014-pumpkinz oct2014-screaming-trees

I’ve wanted the 5 Days of Ravage texture set for a while now. I tried converting it to M4, but my first effort wasn’t too successful. I’m going to have to clone out the eyebrows and add some that are more masculine. I love Tate’s The Cat; might pick up his Wolf Boy too while it’s on sale. Poisen and coflek-gnorg are a couple of my favorite vendors. I’ve bought lots of their stuff over the years.

Edited to add: The last two things I bought this year that were Halloween-ish are the Gen1/M4 Zombie and the tattered shorts, because I don’t have any boy zombie clothes. Can’t have nekkid boy zombies!

I definitely want to do a doll theme post one of these days. Pretty dolls, antique dolls, creepy dolls…

Credits: Good ol’ Aiko 3, Melody, Furries Morphs, Bast/Anubis texture, and the Magical Girl A3 outfit, which I completely forgot I’d bought. The hair is from Esmerelda A3. Also used the Witchy Pot, Witch Broom, Ron’s Angel Dust, Grassy Grounds Mega Pack, Creepy Quotes Brushes, and DimensionTheory’s Advanced Light Presets for AgeOfArmour’s Advanced DAZ Studio Light Bundle.

I’ve noticed DS4.6’s white png transparency on renders is awful in comparison to DS3A. I don’t like setting up scenes with a black background because it’s hard on my eyes, and when I set up a scene in DS3 to render in DS4…well, half the time I forget to change the background to black. 😡 DS4 renders a lot faster than DS3, though, so that’s a consolation when I have to redo everything.


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