WIP: Multi-Figure Halloween Glitter Nails

Glittery Halloween nail colors

This will probably be the last Halloween freebie for 2014 — as it turned out, REC Freebies was NOT all about poses this year. The two sets I did were…time consuming. While I did improve my posing skills some, I’m still not very speedy. I’m continuing to work on the Sadie/Sam version, so they’ll just be really, really early for Halloween next year. 😛

The glitter nail thing started out as something for K4, Cookie, Sadie, and Hitomi, and somehow I ended up adding A3/V3, V4, Gen1/V5, Dawn, and Gen2/V6. I’d have added Koshini 2, since I have her installed, but the poor dear doesn’t have any fingernails.

Making presets and thumbs takes twice as long as making the actual textures. Ugh. I’m having issues with the Genesis 1/V5/Hitomi materials, because apparently this figure doesn’t read DS3 files in DS4. Strangely, Gen2/V6 and Dawn read the dsa files just fine. I didn’t want to have to deal with all the advanced surface stuff for a few simple novelty nail textures, but I guess I’ll have to anyway.

I’ll include mc6 pz2 files (can’t get converter to do partial mc6 materials, sigh) for the Dawn set, but I won’t try to make Poser materials for either Genesis sets. If I’m having trouble with compatibility between DS3 and DS4, I don’t want to think about what I might end up with when converting to pz2 or mc6 files.

glitter-cookie glitter-hitomi glitter-sadie
glitter-v3 glitter-a3 glitter-k4
glitter-julie glitter-dawn glitter-v6

Edited to add more Genesis 1/2 examples and Dawn. I can’t get a decent render out of V6. Her eyes glow white with some light sets (Age of Armour’s) and why is her face so much redder than her hands? Ugh. Fixing Poser product settings is one thing — I expect that and am used to it — but why do I have to do this with as basic a product as the V6 base built for DS4? It has to be something in the material settings, because I don’t have the glowing white eye problem with either Dawn or Genesis 1.

L to R: Cookie, Hitomi, Sadie (original), Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Kids 4, YT Julie, Dawn, Victoria 6. Victoria 4 is in the top image.

Also, I forgot to mention that Cookie doesn’t actually come with finger/toe nails. I’m using this product: We Got Nails! You’ll need it for the Cookie set.


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