Halloween Treat #09: Multi-Figure Halloween Glitter Nails

prev_halloween-glitter-nailsDOWNLOAD: Genesis 1/2 & Dawn DUF *** Other Figures DSA/PZ2 & Dawn PZ2

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: We Got Nails (for Cookie only)

Info: A set of totally frivolous novelty nails for your figures’ Halloween shenanigans. Covers all the Mil3 figures, V4 and her various morphs, Kids 4, Cookie, Sadie, Dawn, and characters for Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Pretty much all of the figures with fingernails/toenails that I have installed.

Set includes 5 colors: Devil/Blood Red, Pumpkin Orange, Frankenstein Green, Witchy Purple, and Midnight Black. There are also duo-color version: Black-Green, Black-Orange, Black-Purple, Black-Red, and Purple-Green.

Genesis 1/2 materials may need the secondary specular channel turned on or off, depending on what lights you’re using. Also, the textures work best when the nails aren’t too long, otherwise there’s some glitter stretching (which makes the glitter fairies very sad.)

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, for those newer to DAZ/Poser, that the A3/V3 materials will work on all other Mil3 characters, including Laura and Maddie.

Credits: REC June (a slightly modified version,which I should probably upload) with the Elite Ariana V4 texture, Midnight Hour Hair V4, and Skeleton Outfit V4/A4/G4.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Treat #09: Multi-Figure Halloween Glitter Nails

  1. Thank you Michele. Girls never have enough bling. Is there any chance V2 could have some bling too? I am having so much fun with Roxanne. Thanks so much for pointing her out to us. She is a hoot and DS4 has so many different tools to make Vickie’s clothes fit her funny body. Why I even got some of the other Vickies’ clothes to fit her. No pressure on the request maybe next year.

  2. You’re most welcome!

    I can certainly do something for V2. I forgot to include Nursoda’s Muggie, someone just emailed me a link to a free set of fingernails for Cookie, and so I think an add-on is definitely in order.

  3. This is lovely textures, specially glitters! But I don’t think I have the original set, only the Finger Nails for Cookie from ShareCG without toenails. I assume it won’t work on any other set as the ‘We Got Nails’ product!?

    • Correct, the materials for Cookie will only work on the We Got Nails product.

      The link I received was to a free Cookie nail set at ShareCG, so that’s probably the same one you’re talking about. I’ll make glitter nails for that set too, but it’ll be a little while before I get to it.

      • Thank you Michele, I think it’s the same freebie you had seen – at ShareCG on searching, there is this free nails set and another texture set for the product you used. Take your time, whenever you can make it, is fine with me! 🙂

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