Stocking Stuffers #02: Liquid Prop for the Photo Mug



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Photo Mug

Info: A simple liquid prop to fit the Photo Mug, a few utility pose presets, and seven coffee/hot chocolate/tea textures.

For Poser users, several of the liquid textures require tiling, which my dsa-to-pz2 converter can’t handle, and so you’ll need to adjust for that.


Up next is Snow Days for Sadie and Sam!

Season’s Greetings 2014!

‘Tis the season for more lists and festive freebies!

Credits: Floors-N-Walls, couch from Dream Home Furniture, rug from Mission Style Family Room, Multi-Wreath, Multi-Garland, Gothic Xmas Tree, Gift Bag/Ribbons/Textures/Tissue Paper, Christmas TinGothic Xmas Presents with these textures, Caleb M4, Ariana V4, Ethan/Emma K4, Leandro Hair, Isla Hair, Zac Hair, jeans and shoes from the HiroToon 4 set, Henley Neck Shirt M4, The JeanZ, V4 Essentials Sweater, Bambini Boys/Girls, and socks from K4 Skateboarder.

Couch textured with a plaid tile by Channing3D, pillows with a fabric tile from Jewels of Architecture SE: Interior Textiles, the wall with a Filter Forge tile, and the floors with a texture from GoodTextures. Photoshop action is CoffeeShop Blog’s Vintagram 2 (I think), and the Polaroid frame is from Fuzzimo. Font is Felt Tip Senior.

Edited to add: Last year’s holiday listing.

Stocking Stuffers #01: Holiday Coffee Mug Textures

Holiday textures for the Photo Mug


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Photo Mug (works in both DS and Poser)

Info: Twelve festive textures for the mug. Some have extra designs or writing inside, some are plain. The prop loads really small, so a scaling preset is included. Also included are hand positioning poses for V4/M4/K4. (I’m not very good at hand poses, but…it’s a start!)

The last one is from a stock vector I purchased several years ago to use as a digital Christmas card. Now I’m “recycling” it.  🎅

Inside detail of the candy cane mug

The liquid prop for the Photo Mug is up next…


Question for Poser users

temp-mug prop After making holiday textures for the free Photo Mug, I decided it needed a liquid prop. I managed to do this via a basic primitive, then converted it to a pp2 file. (Yay, me! I forgot there was a simple script that would do this.)

Anyway, I then made seven textures for the prop — coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and even hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

The thing is, they all require tiling between 2:2 and 4:4 ratios, and the converter I use to make pz2 files from DS3 mats doesn’t do tiling stuff. So my question is: Would you prefer that I make pz2 files anyway, even though they’ll look crappy when applied, and then let you make whatever adjustments you need to make in Poser? Or would you prefer I not make pz2 files and include a separate download link to the textures only?

Neither one is more work for me, I’m just not sure what’s the best option.

A late Halloween treat

Or maybe it’s just a really early one…


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Pippin Romper and Pippin’s Mary Jane Shoes and Tights

Info: A little set for Pippin because I think the denim Skelly texture is cute (pats self on back.) It also provided me a convenient excuse to make glittery shoes. The top is a second skin.

Credits: Pippin Witch Hair and Kitty Candle Centerpiece.