Dawn SR2

The newer morphs add a lot more versatility to the free base. I need to buy the Hivewire morphs sets, but this is a great addition and the folks at HW deserve credit for their hard work. Still can’t raise or lower the mouth or  nose tip, and there aren’t enough depth morphs for face, chin, and lips — I couldn’t dial up characters like Inez, Diana, Vincent, Woo-Hyun, June, Amadayo, Hugh, etc., without those — but I played with the new SR2 and I’m happy with the base morphs that are now included.


The base texture, above, and MSE Exotique and Moirai below.


I really need to find a few more skin textures for her.


3 thoughts on “Dawn SR2

  1. Thanks, Dollygirl! It’s great to be able to make Dawn look a little less like Dawn. 😛 She reminds me of M3/V3 in that regard. There’s something to be said for the bland, doughy faces of the Gen4 bases when it comes to dialing up characters.

    Evanna is pretty too. I have a couple characters in my wishlist at Hivewire, but I keep spending my money on mega-sale stuff. Once Dusk is released, I may be more motivated to stock up on HW products.

    I really like the HW horse and all its add-ons, but it’s a significant investment for a figure I wouldn’t use very often. Still, I really, REALLY like the skeleton horse and those gorgeous draft horses…and I kinda like the toon horse too.

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