Season’s Greetings 2014!

‘Tis the season for more lists and festive freebies!

Credits: Floors-N-Walls, couch from Dream Home Furniture, rug from Mission Style Family Room, Multi-Wreath, Multi-Garland, Gothic Xmas Tree, Gift Bag/Ribbons/Textures/Tissue Paper, Christmas TinGothic Xmas Presents with these textures, Caleb M4, Ariana V4, Ethan/Emma K4, Leandro Hair, Isla Hair, Zac Hair, jeans and shoes from the HiroToon 4 set, Henley Neck Shirt M4, The JeanZ, V4 Essentials Sweater, Bambini Boys/Girls, and socks from K4 Skateboarder.

Couch textured with a plaid tile by Channing3D, pillows with a fabric tile from Jewels of Architecture SE: Interior Textiles, the wall with a Filter Forge tile, and the floors with a texture from GoodTextures. Photoshop action is CoffeeShop Blog’s Vintagram 2 (I think), and the Polaroid frame is from Fuzzimo. Font is Felt Tip Senior.

Edited to add: Last year’s holiday listing.

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