Stocking Stuffers #01: Holiday Coffee Mug Textures

Holiday textures for the Photo Mug


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Photo Mug (works in both DS and Poser)

Info: Twelve festive textures for the mug. Some have extra designs or writing inside, some are plain. The prop loads really small, so a scaling preset is included. Also included are hand positioning poses for V4/M4/K4. (I’m not very good at hand poses, but…it’s a start!)

The last one is from a stock vector I purchased several years ago to use as a digital Christmas card. Now I’m “recycling” it.Β  πŸŽ…

Inside detail of the candy cane mug

The liquid prop for the Photo Mug is up next…



6 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffers #01: Holiday Coffee Mug Textures

    • You’re welcome!

      I wouldn’t mind having a couple of those myself, even if the last thing my cupboards need is more coffee mugs.

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