Basics for Dusk’s Casual Outfit – DS4 only


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dusk Casual Outfit (registration required) (Edited the download link, where there is now a Poser version.)

Info: Two jeans textures, four sweater textures, and a single texture for the shoes. Nothing fancy. This one is DS4 only, since the outfit isn’t for Poser yet.

Once there’s a Poser version, I’ll upload converted mc6 files.


Ooooh, a shiny new thing!


Ya know, the biggest challenge this figure is going to face is clothing…

Just the morphs that come with the free base figure. (Edited to add: and also the starter set morphs, whoops! I did buy those.) This month, I am way too poor to spend any more money. Which is especially frustrating because there’s a 50% Off sale going on over at Mankahoo. 😐

Maybe I should’ve held off on those Ghost of Macbeth morphs for the G2 Male, argh!!

Stocking Stuffers #14: Glitter Shoes Multi Figure



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: More glitter!

Just little sets, in holiday colors of red and green, silver and gold. The glitter part(s) of the shoes are set to glossy plastic with 25% reflection (not sure how this translates to the converted Poser materials.) If you don’t like the shiny look, both parameters can be changed in the surfaces tabs.

Alas, I didn’t have any Dawn shoes that work in both DAZ Studio and Poser.

Larger previews inside…

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Stocking Stuffers #13: Holiday Texture Set for Koneko

For DAZ Studio and Poser
For DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dress, Knee Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Socks, and Shoes at Exten3D, as well as the Koneko base (free!) and/or Koneka add-on.

Edited to add: Linking to the page with Koneko’s clothing doesn’t seem to be possible, for whatever reason. Just click on “Projects” from the main menu, then on “Anthro” and finally on “Next Page.”

The new Exten3D site’s downloads aren’t as straightforward as before. The link first takes you to a different site, where you have to view an ad, and then to the download page. The link is at the very top.

Info: The clothes — except the dress — are unisex, so you don’t need Koneka. But she’s nice to have. The jacket will take a little work to fit Koneka, but it can be done.

The download is about 67MB because I dumped everything into one zip archive. If anyone has a problem downloading that, please let me know in the comments or via the contact form. I didn’t think separating them was necessary since they’re all for the same figure — and it would be a pain in the butt, ha! — but I can do so if it causes a problem.

I started working on the set back in July, but didn’t get around to finishing up the mats and thumbnails until now. I nearly panicked when I saw the downloads were no longer at the old site. Netherworks has apparently disappeared the free Koneko t-shirt, which means that if these clothes disappeared too, then poor Koneko would be a nekkid neko. Oh, the horror!


More previews inside…

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