Holiday Freebies Updates – 2014

Downloaded some nice winter/holiday themed freebies since last year — most new, a few not new — and so another “update” post.

People & Toony People Stuff

xmas2014_winter-jacket-v4v3 xmas2014_winter-jacket-textures xmas2014_k4-mara-seasons xmas2014_rubber-boots-m4xmas2014_pippina xmas2014_holidays-for-zwoggel

Winter Jacket V4/V3 || Textures for Winter Jacket V4/V3 || Mara Season K4 || Rubber Boots for M4 and V4 || Pippina Bundle || Holidays for Zwoggel (Zwoggel)

Notes: I installed the Winter Jacket a while ago but couldn’t find the download link, and all along it was in the texture’s readme file. Mara K4 has an “Ice Queen” face option, adding to my growing collection of wintery people — except for wintery men; they remain elusive. The Rubber Boots have sensible heels for snowball fights, sledding, and tromping about in snowy weather. Pippina is a character texture with a set of clothing that’s a bit Christmas Elf-ish. There are now Cookie and Dawn versions of last years Elf Dress for V4 (also here.)

Holiday Props and Textures

xmas2014_gift-bag-1 xmas2014_gift-boxes xmas2014_ginger-gal xmas2014_morphing-snow-terrain xmas2014_sleigh xmas2014_snowmen-props xmas2014_snowy-roof xmas2014_poinsettia xmas2014_pine-bough xmas2014_faerie-perch xmas2014_roasted-turkey xmas2014_construction-bricks xmas2014_marble-run xmas2014_gothic-stockings-textures2

Gift Bag / Gift Bag Ribbons & Textures / Gift Bag Tissue Paper || Gift Boxes || Ginger Gal (page 15) || Morphing Snow Terrain || Sleigh || Snowman Props || Snowy Roof || Poinsettia & Pine Bough || Xmas Fairy Perch || Roasted Turkey  (also here) || Construction Bricks || Marble Run || Textures for the Gothic Stocking

Notes: RDNA’s 2013 Disturbia offered more great holiday freebies, of which I list just a few. I had Ginger Gal installed for a while but again couldn’t remember where I’d found her — btw, she comes with teeth and boobs. 😯 The Snowman Props set includes the hat/clothing. The Xmas Fairy Perch is scaled to full-sized figures. Lego toys were a staple at Christmas when my son was little — we still have them! — and the kid had a marble run too. That last one has lots of options to un-Goth the Gothic Stocking.

Misc. Stuff

xmas2014_snow-textures xmas2014_snowflake-brushes xmas2014_snow-styles xmas2014_gingerbread-resource-pack xmas2014_cookie-styles xmas2014_christmas-patterns xmas2014_christmas-lace-pngs xmas2014_christmas-jumper-patterns

Snow Materials || Snowflake Brushes || Snow Layer Styles || Gingerbread Resource Pack || Cookie Styles and PNGs || Christmas Patterns || Christmas Lace PNGs || Christmas Jumper (aka Sweater) Patterns

Notes: HoboBo’s Gallery has more snow texture sets. Most resources are for Photoshop, but several include png images. For those with older versions of PSP, abrViewer and abrMate can convert abr brushes to transparent png files.  Download links for the Scrappin’ Cop resources can be really, really slow.

I think that’s pretty much everything I’ve found (and re-found.)


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