Stocking Stuffers #03: Snow Days for Sadie & Sam



Usage: Okay for commercial and persona use.

Required: Toon Boy Sam, Toon Girl Sadie, and the snowball prop from the free Gumdrop Snowball Poses

About: When schools are closed due to wintery weather, there will be snowball fights and snowmen. So here’s a small set of Sadie/Sam poses to do exactly that. Face and hand poses included, as well as various utility presets (and a texture) for the snowball prop.

Info: To use a pose with a snowball, load the snowball prop, apply the texture, the Zero Snowball preset, and then either the right or left positioning preset. After that, apply the right or left hand pose to Sadie/Sam, parent the snowball prop to that hand, and then apply the Sadie/Sam pose.

To use the pose holding the small/top snow boulder, apply the texture and positioning preset, parent the prop to Sadie/Sam’s right hand, and then apply the Sadie/Sam pose.

For the medium/middle snow boulder, apply its rescaled and zeroed preset, use the provided positioning preset to move it up, and then apply the two matched poses. This snow boulder isn’t parented to either Sadie or Sam; if you want to move the posed group around, it’s probably best to parent all three to a null.

The faces are grouped with their respective poses, but can be used with any of them. Minor adjustments to the poses may be necessary, depending on clothing.


Credits: Simple Sand Prop, Morphing Snow Pile, Morphing Snow Terrain, Winter Pines, Lyne’s Little Birds, Song Bird, Ron’s Birds, Sam Clothing Pack, TreasureChest’s Sadie & Sam Ski, MamoMamo’s Coat Set 01 for ChibiBel, boots from Sadie Fae-Fantasy, with the Halloween clothing textures, Winter Fun K4, the gloves from Elleque’s Modern Girl Pack 3 for Sadie, Sadie Hair Pack #1, Front Tails Hair, REC Toon Tones for Sadie/Sam (DS/Poser) and REC Hair Toon Shaders. Snow effects are from InSight Design’s Falling Snow Overlays and Mix Clip Art’s Snow PSDs.

The terrain props were textured with the snow tile included for the snowball prop. It’s from a public domain site, so feel free to use it.

Any questions/problems, lemme know!  🎄

Up next…second skin gloves for Sam and matching textures for the Sadie gloves from Modern Girl.


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