Stocking Stuffers #05: Snow Days for K4

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Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Kids 4 and the snowball prop from the free Gumdrop Snowball Poses

Info: Similar to the Sadie/Sam set, although with a few extra poses — all  but one are mirrored.

A number of the poses need to have limits turned off. Some of the snowball fight poses need the snowball prop parented to a hand, others don’t — they’re separated out in the folder by types. The snow boulders aren’t parented to K4. To move K4 and the snowball/boulder around a scene, either parent the prop to K4 or parent both K4 and the prop to a null.

A few poses are not very clothing-friendly where leg bends are concerned. I don’t have a lot of coats for K4 — the ones I used in the previews above were converted from M4 — and movement morphs don’t always fix the problem.

I generally work around this in a few ways, like postwork, which is limited to easily fixed issues, or by using creative posing to hide or minimize the issue. Another effective work-around is to match the jacket color/texture to those of the pants so the crunchy bends blend in a little better.

Poses have a some leeway for boots and mittens; adjustments may or may not be necessary depending on what clothing you use. The poses are all for default K4, and some will work better than others when scaling K4 up/down or altering the body shape. I assume most folks understand this, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

The snowball pose for “Launch” includes positioning for only the first K4 pose; move it around as needed.

The 12 facial expressions are grouped by snowball fight/snowman themes, but are interchangeable. The expression from last year’s Winter Kids Poses should work pretty well too.

BTW, the pose listed as “Hit Front” was envisioned as a kind of “OOF! I’ve been hit in the breadbasket!” thing, but somehow it ended up a bit…zombie-like. The butt target one turned out better. 😛

Oh, and the converted coats are M4 Down Jacket and Flyer Jacket for M4/V4. The rest of the clothing is from Winter Fun K4. The “gloves” are just second skin tiled textures, like the ones for Sam.

Next, a little something different: rustic holiday room backgrounds.


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