Stocking Stuffers #14: Glitter Shoes Multi Figure



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: More glitter!

Just little sets, in holiday colors of red and green, silver and gold. The glitter part(s) of the shoes are set to glossy plastic with 25% reflection (not sure how this translates to the converted Poser materials.) If you don’t like the shiny look, both parameters can be changed in the surfaces tabs.

Alas, I didn’t have any Dawn shoes that work in both DAZ Studio and Poser.

Larger previews inside…

Cookie, feeling pretty!
Dawn, ready to do some power-shopping.
V4, ready for the office holiday party
K4, feeling feisty in her red sparkly shoes
V4 to Sadie: Dance, tiny dancer, dance!
V6 forgot she has Christmas cookies in the oven. Julie wants you to know she’s NOT wearing any lame holiday outfits, thankyouverymuch

Credits: Cookie Party Princess, Nell Hair, Cookie Jewels, Finger Nails For Cookie, Moirai for Dawn, Pyrit Hair, Dawn’s Ugly Christmas Sweater, Stockings for Dawn, Elvira K4, Party Princess K4, Hr-074, Winter Dazzle, Kerry-Ann V4, Trixy Hair, Holiday Hats, Cajj Sweater and textures, Small Lovely VIII and textures, Jingle Bell Jewelry (freebie no longer available), Simple Jewelry 2, Hair Pack #1 for Sadie, StoryTime Collection PS/PT dress with a Christmas texture, Sadie Mae, London V4, Holiday Hats again, DY Christmas Outfit 2011 (freebie no longer available), Gypsy Hair V4, Boulevard Dress G2F, SAV Eirene Hair, FWSA Stacia G2F (recent DAZ PA holiday freebie!), LY Kennedy G1 (apparently it’s gone from the DAZ store), Miho Hair, Mall Girl G1, and Streetwear: Jeans for Genesis.

REC Stuff: Lexie K4, Diana V4, Evelyn V4, Toon Hair, Toon Tones for Sadie/Sam, Multi-Figure Glitter Nails, and also for Cookie’s free nails, Festive Shaders, metals from Beads-N-Baubles, and Plushie Shaders.


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