Pixabay – Free Images

Another nice resource for public domain images: Pixabay. Property and model releases are still required for commercial work. More here. Buying photos from a stock photo site comes with model and property releases, but if you’re just making projects for yourself, and nothing commercial is involved, sites like Pixabay are a treasure trove of fun stuff.

I found a cute toony skull castle, which inspired me to break out Neanda-Dolls for Dawn for a quick test:


Also used PSP Landscape Gradients for the background and the toony cloud brushes are from Scenery Scrawl.

There lots of great images at Pixabay, from cute critters (though way, way too many spiders!!) to some stunning landscapes. I also saw a V3 Mermaid and I’m pretty sure this old PC set in an image too. 😛

Edited to add thumbs of just a few images I downloaded:

pixabay-dramatic pixabay-little-girl pixabay-mannequin

pixabay-elephants pixabay-relaxed-squirrel


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