Still wishing Dusk had more face morphs

I have whatever comes with the free base figure, along with the Dusk Starter Morphs and Dusk Head Shapes package. They’re nice morphs, but I’m frustrated I can’t dial up something like this, which uses only M4’s Morphs ++:

I forgot I had this hat! Forgot I’d had the textures for the shirt too. I may have too much stuff…

I realize Dusk was released only a few weeks ago, during the busy holiday season, and complex facial morphs take time to make. I can be patient, even if I’m whining a little here.

I downloaded Kerya’s new set of 12 face morphs for Dusk — also quite nice — and used them with a few of the Head Shapes and Starter Morphs dials:

Using SAV’s Lucien hair here…Dusk’s default nose is rather Tom Cruise-ish

It’s still hard to make Dusk not look like his base, though. In that regard, Dusk (and Dawn) reminds me of the Mil3 figures. It was nearly impossible to make M3 look like anything but M3 — Ghost of MacBeth’s morphs sets, CDI’s Brom, and AtlantiStyle’s Andre and Basile probably came the closest to helping fix that issue.

As someone who likes playing with morph dials, I always thought the bland, doughy faces of the V4/M4 base figures were a big improvement over the Mil3 figures. It was much easier to dial up distinctive faces with even just the Morphs ++ sets, and considerably more so after all the other sets were released.

Over the years I’ve also bought the V4 and M4 versions of the Creature Creator morphs, Aged morphs, Elite Shapes, Elite Ethnic Faces, and Surreality’s Distinctive Features sets. Also picked up Morphus, Morphia, Faerime, Boopsie, and Vladimir, not to mention Hiro 4, Aiko 4, Reby Sky, Freak 4, She Freak 4, Girl 4, Guy for M4, and 3DU’s Aiko4 Toon and Hiro4 Toon. Almost forgot the Freak 4 Creature Expansion! There was something I picked up from RDNA for M4, but never did get it to work in DS.

(I bought Morphlet for K4 too; it’s like Pokemon…gotta buy em all!)

So I know it’s not fair to compare what I can do with M4/V4 to what I can do with Dusk/Dawn at this point in time, but I’m really hoping the Hivewire folks have more morph packages in the works.

There are a number of useful free morph sets for Dawn at ShareCG. I was particularly grateful for these since nearly all the commercial ones were Poser only. I’ve been using the sets by almostperfekt and sbcorktown a lot, along with a few of the more specialized body morphs by DigiDotz (shorter legs, shorter neck.) Used some of those freebie morphs with Dawn’s Starter Morphs (I still don’t own her Head Shapes set, I admit) for this:

She reminds me of someone, but I can’t think of who

I wish I could use these sets on Dusk. I assume they’d work since he was created from Dawn’s mesh, but I have no idea if it’s possible to adapt them to Dusk. I tried copying them from the Dawn area in the Data folder to the Dusk one, but alas, that didn’t work. It would’ve been too easy, I guess. đŸ˜›

Oh, and I finally got around to buying the head and body morphs for Genesis. Still haven’t picked up the ones for the Genesis 2 figures; not sure if I will. So far, the only Genesis 2 figure in my wishlist is Lee, though his body’s a bit too bumpy for my taste. I just don’t care for the overly muscled look; personal preference.

I did recently buy Ghost of MacBeth’s morphs for the Genesis 2 Male. To my delight, it has a very good Giuliano de’ Medici nose. Of course, I have no other face morphs to use for a G2M Giuliano. I am mildly amused by this, considering my ratio of M4 morphs to G2M morphs.


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