Converting free Dawn morphs to Dusk

In case visitors to the blog missed the comment, Mustakettu85 has explained how to get Dawn free morphs to work for Dusk. It’s an easy process, if a bit tedious, but it does add more versatility to Dusk while we wait for additional morph products to arrive from the official folks.

He has a “Ghost of Macbeth” feel to him

I’d thought the files were encrypted like the old .dsb (?) files, but they were zipped. I learned something new! Again. 😛

I hadn’t any plan in mind for this one beyond tinkering with the Hivewire sets, Kerya’s DS morphs, and those by almostperfekt and sbcorktown. Here’s a list of the free morphs I have installed (some also have Poser versions):

By DigiDotz – Butt/Lower Back Morphs / Dawn Longer Legs Morph / Dawn Neck shorter morph / Smaller nose for Dawn Figure
By sbcorktown – Dawn Nose Morphs / Dawn sexy lips Morphs / Dawn Breast Morphs DAZ
By almostperfekt – eye and lip morphs 4 dawn / 23 faces for Dawn and more / dawn face and body morphs


5 thoughts on “Converting free Dawn morphs to Dusk

    • Thanks!

      I’ll have to dig up some stuff from my “faces” files and try something a little more planned beyond “so what’ll this do?” or “How about this…oh, dear. No. Just no.”

        • Yes, sorry. I collect faces from various wanderings on the ‘net; faces I think have an interesting feature or two I might want to incorporate into a dialed character.

          I don’t generally try to recreate the faces but use them for inspiration.

          Sometimes a celebrity will grab my attention. I’ve been mulling over Grace Jones. I love her face and think it would be fun to try and add some of her features into a dial morph, tho I don’t want to do a Grace Jones morph per se.

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