WIP – A Little Toon Hair Texture Project

Back when I did the Raggedy Ann/Andy set for Pippin, I’d wanted something that looked like rope, string, or yarn hair, but didn’t really find anything closer than dreads. I made a note to myself to come back to this and find something to make these hair props look more stringy…something people usually don’t want their hair to look like. Finally got around to working on it.

Came up with this for the Toon Salon Hair 3:

Rope Hair - Toon Salon Hair 3
click for full-size view

The above was done with template mapping the diffuse and bump/displacement maps. Transparency maps removed (skull cap too.)

The textures seem to work pretty well with dreads/dreads-like hair props and simple toon hair sets. Also, I figured this presented a good opportunity to actually use those  Shader Baker presets I installed ages ago, so that I could tile diffuse, bump, and displacement maps together:

Rope Hair - Chip Wild Hair
click for full-size view

I tried out a smaller tiling ratio for this one. The first two use Shader Baker settings with the bump/displacement maps and the third is just simple tiling.

Rope Hair - No Shader Baker Rope Hair - Shader Baker

The changes from the Shader Baker settings are more obvious in these examples (Toon Salon Hair 3 again, but also Harmony Hair for Melody/A3 and Daisy Hair V4, with the transparency maps removed.)

Displacement will mess up any hair accessories due to poke through — fixed in postwork in the above exampe — and ditto with using the bump map settings, which I didn’t expect.

Another minor inconvenience in using Shader Baker settings is that you can’t see the effects of changing tiling ratios until you render, so there’s a bit of trial and error until things look right. Most of the time, different material zones required slightly different tiling ratios.

So now I’m wondering how to package this up. There are almost 40 colors and mixed-color textures, plus the bump/displacement map. I’m tempted to just throw it out as a texture resource, rather than make tiling presets as I did with the Toon Hair Materials (which are a little friendlier to material zones that vary a bit in how they display the texture.) Then there’s the Shader Baker…

Ha! So complicated, for such a little niche project.

Oh, and one last test render:

Rope Hair - Colors
pinks and purples!

The mixie textures don’t always end up looking as I expected. With the Toon Hair Salon 3, it’s better to apply separate colors. The tails on Daisy Hair just weren’t at all cooperative. 😕


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