Content Paradise B-Day Coupon

So Content Paradise sent me a $5 coupon for my birthday, which I must use before April. I think I might pick up NearMe. There’s not much stuff for her at the other stores, but she’s still pretty well supported at CP. Some cute clothes and pose sets over there.

I want her so I can buy this outfit. Adorable; just lookit that face on her little boob bat! (or is it a cat?)

Feeling my self-control rapidly fading. She may be mine by the end of the day…

Edited to add: I succumbed to temptation. πŸ˜› For both:

Also used Glutton Boo, Whacko Jacko, and the 4 Season Stand

I splurged at DAZ’s recent Genesis sale too — when that store has a simple, straight-forward sale, I’m happy to spend a little money over there. Or a lot, be that as it may…



I really like Hiro 5 and Hitomi together. I still like Genesis 1 more than Genesis 2, but I still prefer the Gen 4 figures. I feel so contrarian…

7 thoughts on “Content Paradise B-Day Coupon

    • Thanks for the link! I think I saw some of those at Content Paradise too, but maybe not all of them.

      I had a few freebie outfits already installed for the purpose of converting them to Sadie, so now it’s just a matter of moving them to a new home in the Near Me folder.

      Oh, and she’s mine now. The coupon was the deciding factor. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!

      I wonder if, same time next year, I’ll have forgotten Content Paradise sends b-day coupons and be all surprised and delighted yet again.

      That forgetfulness is, I hope, more due to lack of shopping at CP than an ever upward accumulation of birthdays. πŸ˜›

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