Winter hibernation

Kinda hibernating over here, only my version involves a bunch of books and lots of streaming on Netflix/Hulu. Ha!

I should get back to DS stuff, and finish up that toon hair project. This month’s holiday is Valentine’s Day, but I’m just not that into Valentine’s Day — and it’s not like there’s a lack of sexy lingerie and poses. Not feeling inspired.

In the US it’s also Black History month, so I could maybe do a listing of free character textures/morphs. Probably would be a small listing, though, as content tends to skew overwhelmingly toward young white women.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any dial morphs, especially for M4. Maybe I’ll go check out what kind of images I can find on Google for Frederick Douglass (that man had an awesome face!) and Billie Holiday. The Harlem Renaissance has possibilities.

But first I have to go find a mailing envelope. My very smart son, who is getting his master’s degree this year in bio chemistry and can splice and sequence DNA and stuff, appears to be incapable of filling out the post office’s change of address form, and so I have his tax forms.

What I don’t have is a mailing envelope. Who sends letters these days?

I am rather annoyed with him.


11 thoughts on “Winter hibernation

  1. A comment from this lurker: Douglass and Holliday morphs would be wonderful. I keep wondering if Daz and Poser have noticed that their default characters tend to be white.

    • I’m sure there’s an awareness. As long as there’s money to be made, though, I don’t see things changing much.

      Fortunately there is some variety. And kit-bashing.

      I’m definitely warming up to the idea of a Douglass and Holiday morph; the former would be nicely challenging to dial up, I think.

    • I know! I almost sent along a change of address form with the tax stuff, but he’d just ignore it. Love him dearly, but sometimes he gets stubborn over the most ridiculous things. I should remind him that I’m in my 50s and still get yelled at by mom. LOL! I get over it, and most of the time she’s right anyway.

      If his tax refund shows up here, I’m holding it hostage. 😈

    • According to the Holidays Calendar site, the US has a Friendship Day in Aug, but it isn’t much celebrated. However, there is an International Friendship Day, set up by the UN, on the first Sunday of August.

      I might do something with that one. Right now, the only thing I can think of as a theme for “friendship” would be poses, and those take me time. 😉 I couldn’t do anything by Feb 14, esp since I’m still on a reading binge.

      Need to do a reading binge every now and then — I have so many books in my To Be Read pile that it would take me over three years to clear them out.

        • Nope, no secret. 🙂

          So far this year, I’ve only read 12 books, so I really need to pick up my pace. I just finished an anthology called Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, edited by Rose Fox and Daniel Jose Older. I really enjoyed it. I’ve started a YA horror called The Girl From the Well, by Rin Chupeco.

          I have a reading challenges blog, where I ramble on about what I’ve read. I don’t link it here because it isn’t relevant to 3D stuff.

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