I just started to pull together a freebie listing themed toward the Harlem Renaissance and discovered that rendercandy.com is gone. That’s too bad, as she had some great freebie black textures for V4 and M4. Her store at Renderosity is still there, but lots of the products are on clearance.

The only free character left is the Hulk-like one. Not gonna work for this freebie listing, though I’m glad he’s still around. He’s the only green M4 character texture I have.

Edited to add: Crisis averted! All hail the waybackmachine!

Edited yet again: And many of the freebies have moved to RenderCandy at Fantasies Attic.


4 thoughts on “Well…crap

  1. Michele, Never fear, the Wayback Machine is here. I retrieved the current freebies like Boss, Shy and Doll using the wayback machine and went to 2013. Her freebies are again available. Have fun!

    • ::smackshead:: I forgot about the waybackmachine. I think I panicked. 😛

      I’ll head over there and find some new links.


  2. Your most welcome. I too forget until Rob Kelk reminds me of it every now and then. Always save the old urls. They do come in handy.

    • That’s a very good point. In the past I’d just deleted the URL if it was dead. From here on out, I’ll keep them up with just a strike-through.

      Sometimes I do check the waybackmachine, and now and again there’s nothing to be found. As with Ness’s old freebie site, alas.

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