Freebie Spotlight: Harlem Renaissance 01

February is Black History Month in the US, intended to pay “tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society.” Most of that history is mighty grim, but people are strong, and stronger still are those who face adversity and rise above it. The Harlem Renaissance reflects much about that spirit. Between 1918 and the mid-1930’s, African-Americans explored their culture and identity through the vehicles of literature, art, music, fashion, and motion pictures.

All that sounds rather high-brow and stuffy, but it’s probably safe to say folks also partied a lot. Good times!

It’s harder to find historical freebie content, but there’s a surprising amount available, both free and commercial, that works for the 20’s and 30’s. I included a few commercial products too. First up, people stuff.

Textures and Morphs

Victoria 4/Aiko 4:
harlem_v4cr-Debra harlem_v4cr-doll harlem_v4cr-kiko (2) harlem_v4cr-minx harlem_v4cr-monja (2) harlem_v4cr-rehanna harlem_v4cr-salome harlem_v4cr-shy harlem_Characters-G1-Lila harlem_v4mor-Jamila rec_diana-v4 rec_halima-v4

Debra || Doll (also here) || Kiko (also here) || Minx (also here) || Monja || Re’Hanna (also here) || Salome || Shy || Lila || Jamila (bottom of page; morph only) || REC Diana V4 (morph only) || REC Halima V4 (morph only)

Notes: Monja’s also free at Content Paradise and HiveWire.

Michael 4/Hiro 4:
harlem_m4cr-the boss harlem_m4cr-tyrese 1 harlem_m4mor-jamal harlem_m4mor-tyson rec_amadayo-m4

The Boss (also here ) || Tyrese! || Jamal (morph only) || Tyson (morph only) || REC Amadayo M4 (morph only)

Notes: Tyrese comes with hair/facial hair options.

harlem_Characters-G1-Amandi harlem_characters-g1-bibi harlem_Characters-G1-Suka-Morph harlem_Characters-G1-Udongo-Morph

Amandi || Bibi (morph only) || Suka (morph only) || Udongo (morph only)

Clothing and Shoes

harlem_clothes-g1-20s-dress harlem_clothes-g1-20s-overdress harlem_Clothes-G1-Flapper-Dress harlem_clothes-g1-suit harlem_m3cl-casablanca suit 1 harlem_v4cl-circa 1930 harlem_v4cl-glimmer dress harlem_v4cl-l33t xmas evening dress harlem_v4cl-melon dress harlem_shoes-dress boots m4 harlem_Shoes-G2 20s Shoes harlem_shoes-Mary Jane Pumps V4V3 harlem_shoes-v4 pumps harlem_v4cl-ld-stockings

Roaring 20’s Dresses – Genesis || Roaring 20’s Overdress – Genesis || Genesis Flapper Dress || Pinstripe Suit – Genesis || Casablanca Suit M3 || Circa 1930 V4 || Glimmer V4 || Xmas Evening Gown V4 || Melon Dress V4 || M4 Dress Boots || Roaring 20’s T-Strip Shoes – Genesis || Vintage Mary Jane Pumps V3/V4 || Chic Shoes for V4 || LD Stockings

Notes: I didn’t find any freebie Roaring 20’s stuff for the Gen4 figures, but there were a few outfits for V4 that could be used for club singers in the 30’s. The Casablanca Suit looks most like a 20’s/30’s suit — longer coat and baggier pants — but needs converting for newer figures. The Mary Janes aren’t T-Straps, but could work in a pinch. The pumps can pass for 1930’s-ish. The V4 gowns would look more 30’s-ish with appropriate textures; Chohole has several nice textures for the Glimmer Dress.

Fashion Accessories

harlem_accessories-briefcase harlem_accessories-Evening-Clutch-Purse harlem_accessories-fur-stole harlem_accessories-long-gloves-v4 harlem_headware-art deco hat (2) harlem_Headware-G1 20s Cloche harlem_headware-Plumeria Flower harlem_headware-cinco de mayo hmhm harlem_headware-famous hats m4 harlem_headware-hat collection (2) harlem_headware-straw boater (2) harlem_v4cl-orange harlem_jewelry-Art Nouveau Hair harlem_jewelry-pearl necklace harlem_jewelry-v4 pearls + fan

Briefcase || Clutch Purse || Fur Stoles V4 || Long Gloves V4 || Art Deco Headdress & Jewelry || Roaring 20’s Cloche Hat – Genesis || Plumeria Flower || Cinco de Mayo Hair Accessories || Hat Collection M4 / V4 || Straw Boater || Bowler & Beret from A Clockwork Heiress V4 || Art Nouveau Hair Jewelry || Pearls V4 || V4 Free Pearls & Fan

Notes: There’s three hats from the M4 Hat Collection that would work for 20’s/30’s (Bowei, Rocky, Indy), and a couple from the V4 Hat Collection that might work as well (the bowler, the cloche-like hat.) The first set of pearls is the longest I could find for freebies (20’s look), but the shorter classic pearls work for non-Flapper 20’s clothing as well as the more subdued 30’s era clothing. Hair flowers for your Billie Holidays and other singers/dancers.


harlem_hair-hero hair m4 harlem_hair-side-hair-m4 harlem_hair-kyoko harlem_hair-RQ V4 Hair 003 harlem_hair-short-bob harlem_hair-short-hair-evo harlem_hair-betty-v3 harlem_hair-golddigger-v3 harlem_hair-betsy-v3v4 harlem_hair-louise-v3v4

Hero Hair M4 || Side Hair M4 || Kyoko Hair V3 || RQ V4 Hair 003 || Short Bob Hair V3 || Short Hair Evo V3 || Betty Hair V3 || Goldigger Hair V3 || Betsy Hair V3 V4 || Louise Hair V3 V4

Notes: Looked to me like most of the men kept their hair natural and clipped close to the head, but a few did straighten their hair. Hero Hair and Side Hair are a close approximation for the latter. Short hair and bobs for the flappers, and a sultry long style for a singer. In the pictures I browsed through, the women all straightened their hair. (I can’t imagine what a pain in the butt that must have been, especially before the invention of safer relaxers and other styling aids.) There are probably a few other styles that would work as well, but these hit the bare basics.

Misc Stuff

harlem_2d- merchan- res harlem_Utility-V4 128 Morphs

Texture Resource || DieTrying’s 128 Morphs for V4 / Genesis / Genesis 2F

Notes: The texture resource is based off V4’s UV, so it can be used with Genesis. The V4 version of DieTrying’s morphs can be used on M4; the InjectPMD plugin is required for use in DS3.

Commercial products inside…

I’m not including any skin textures since there are quite a few of them (my favorites are by Reciecup, Morris, and DAZ’s Marie Elite.) Not a comprehensive listing for anything else, either, just what I have installed or found through a quick search at DAZ, Renderosity, and RuntimeDNA.


harlem_daz-01 harlem_daz-02 harlem_daz-03 harlem_daz-04 harlem_daz-05 harlem_daz-14 harlem_rdna-07 harlem_rdna-11 harlem_rdna-08 harlem_rdna-09 harlem_rendo-06 harlem_rendo-12

All That Jazz V4 || Everyday Dress 1930 || Roaring 20’s Flapper Set V3 || Roaring 20’s Gangster Set M3/Freak3 || Working Man M4 || Menswear 1930 || Gatsby Casual M4 || Gatsby Flapper V4 || Nostalgia 1920s V4 / Dawn || Roaring 20s Dress V4 || Zoot Suit M4 || Flapper Dancer Dress V4

Notes: The sets for V3 and M3/Freak3 comes with both the hair and the accessories shown.

Fashion Accessories

harlem_rdna-05 harlem_rendo-08 harlem_rendo-10 harlem_rendo-09 harlem_rdna-03 harlem_rendo-16 harlem_rdna-10 harlem_rendo-17

Flora Dora || Daisy Collection || Ophelia Collection || Rachel Collection || Just Earrings: Deco || Feather Dreams || BoaLicious || T-Straps V4

Notes: Boalicious is an oldie; looks like it uses displacement for the feather look.


harlem_daz-20 harlem_daz-21 harlem_daz-15 harlem_daz-16 harlem_daz-17 harlem_daz-18 harlem_daz-22 harlem_rdna-01 harlem_rendo-07 harlem_rendo-11 harlem_rendo-13 harlem_rendo-15

Finger Wave Bob || Trixy Hair || Bella Hair || Cece Veil Hair || Deeta Hair || Classic Rolled Hair || Perseus Hair || Big Bow Hair || Berlin 1931 Hair || Louise Hair || Moira Hair || Liliane Hair

Notes: Some of these may be a little more 40’s/50’s, but upswept curls were definitely a thing in the 30s too. I know for sure all the DAZ PC hair props come with Genesis versions. The Big Bow Hair is kind of toon-ish, but it fits close to the head, so it would be a good for using under hats. Perseus Hair has fits for M4.

If you’ve spotted something I’ve missed, please let me know!

Next up: Props and scene-setters…

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