Freebie Spotlight: Harlem Renaissance 02

And now props and scenes for jazz musicians, singers, dancers, reporters, movie stars, artists, writers, showgirls, party-goers, and regular folk.

Retro Technology

harlem_props-620 camera harlem_props-vintage-camera harlem_props-old camera harlem_props-old typewriter harlem_decor-candlestick phone harlem_decor-old-phones harlem_music-30s-radio harlem_music-cathedral radio harlem_music-old radio (3) harlem_music-phonograph harlem_music-20s portable phonograph harlem_music-gramophone harlem_music-old microphone harlem_vehicles-electric car harlem_vehicles-taxi harlem_vehicles-hot-rod harlem_vehicles-big-old-car harlem_vehicles-1932-pierce-arrow harlem_props-posable-cable

620 Camera || Little Vintage Camera || Old Camera || Antique Typewriter || Candlestick Phone || Old Phones || 1930’s Radio || Cathedral Radio || Old Radio || Victrola || Portable Phonograph || Gramophone || Old Microphone || 1910 Electric Car || White Label Taxi || Hot Rod || Big Old Car 05 || 1932 Pierce Arrow || Posable Cable

Notes: I did a search of 20’s and 30’s cameras and these two props looked about right. I haven’t turned up any antique-looking movie making equipment yet. Some of the phones from the Old Phones set are later than the 20’s/30’s era. A daunting-looking typewriter for your Langston Hughes-like characters! The White Taxi is kind of toony, but from the front it looks less so. The Big Old Car is low poly; looks best from a distance — there are also a couple other similar cars in the creator’s portfolio.

Smokes and Booze

harlem_props-cigarette-v4 harlem_props-Cig Holder harlem_props-cigar-m4 harlem_props-cigar-m4-2 harlem_props-dirty-ashtray harlem_props-lighter harlem_props-pipe-2 harlem_props-smoking pipe harlem_props-whiskey-serving-tray harlem_props-cocktail-set

Cigarette V4 || Cigarette Holder || Cigar M4 || Channing’s Cigar || Used Ashtray || Old-Style Lighter || Pipe 01 / 02 || Whiskey and Serving Tray || Cocktail Set

Notes: There’s a free martini set at RDNA in the newsletter archives that comes with a shaker, but I didn’t have time to go back and look for it.

Furniture and Decor

harlem_decor-30s-bedroom harlem_furniture-my dressing area harlem_decor-A&C Vases harlem_decor-deco cat harlem_furniture-Art Deco harlem_furniture-rattan chair harlem_furniture-rattan table harlem_furniture-rattan screen harlem_furniture-stand hanger harlem_props-old-radiator

1930s Bedroom || My Dressing Place || Arts & Crafts Era Vases || Deco Cat || Art Deco Lamps & Chair || Rattan Chair || Rattan Table || Rattan Room Screen || Coat Tree || Old Radiator

Notes: I remember the vase set has incorrect file paths for the textures, so that’ll need to be corrected. Arts & Crafts is a little early for this period, but still works okay.

Musical Instruments

harlem_music-upright piano harlem_music-Player Piano harlem_music-piano-v2 harlem_music-accordian harlem_music-alto-sax harlem_music-sax2 harlem_music-morphing trumpet harlem_music-trumpet-2 harlem_music-trombone harlem_music-tuba harlem_music-clarinet harlem_music-harmonica harlem_music-banjo harlem_music-Bass Fiddle harlem_music-violin 02 harlem_music-Violin harlem_music-bongo drum harlem_music-ludwig-drum-set harlem_music-music stand

Upright Piano || Midi Player Piano (also  here) || Piano V2 || Accordion || Alto Saxophone || The Saxophone || Morphing Trumpet || Trumpet || Trombone || Tuba || Clarinet || Harmonica || Banjo || Bass Fiddle || Violin/Fiddle 01 / 02 || Bongo Drum (also here) || Ludwig Drum Set || Music Stand

Notes: Not sure about the historical accuracy of the bongo drum relating to the Harlem Renaissance, but it’s Afro-Caribbean in origin and so I included it. The Ludwig Drum set may be a little modern-looking, but the company was making drum sets before this period.

Scenes and Scene Add-Ons

harlem_scene-20s kitchen harlem_scene-arcade hotel harlem_scene-art box harlem_scene-blues club harlem_props-stage harlem_furniture-art deco bar harlem_scene-round bar harlem_scene-grafitti wall 2 harlem_props-victorian street lamp

1910 Kitchen || Arcade Hotel || The Art Box || Blues Club || Stage || Art Deco Bar & Accessories || Round Bar || Graffiti Wall || Antique Street Lamp

Notes: The 1910 Kitchen and Arcade Hotel come with a bunch of props and furniture, the latter even has another typewriter. If you need some appropriate art to texture the Art Box paintings, a Google search for Harlem Renaissance Art turns up lots of great images — but I wouldn’t use them in any commercial renders. The Round Bar has a DAZ/Bryce version, but I only downloaded the object one. I did a quick check to see what fire hydrants in the 20’s and 30’s would’ve looked like, and the one from the Graffiti Wall seems close enough. I guess fire hydrant technology hasn’t changed much, but you can swap it out for a more antique version.

Misc Stuff

harlem_poses-banjo harlem_poses-violin-player harlem_poses-violin-upper harlem_poses-violin-m4 harlem_poses-bongo-drum harlem_poses-showgirl harlem_poses-bar-sitting harlem_poses-couple m4v4 dance 3 harlem_poses-dance-v4 harlem_poses-rattan-chairharlem_poses-makeup  harlem_props-art-deco-stand

Banjo Poses V4 || The Violin Player V4 || Violin Upper Poses V4 || M4 Violin Poses || Bongo Drum Poses M4 || Showgirl Pose V4 || Bar Stool Poses V4 || Dance 03 V4M4 || Dance V4 || V4 La Poseur || Applying Makeup V4 || Art Deco Stand

Note: The banjo pose set is for a free banjo prop that’s no longer available, but it should be adaptable to the one listed above. Ditto for the M4 Violin pose, although that one is just for a different violin (link is at the download page.) Some of the dance poses aren’t really era-appropriate, but a few of them could work. A few glam poses for your Josephine Baker-like characters and some that would work with the rattan chair and vanity. The Art Deco Stand’s textures are all in mc6 format so DS user will need to adjust for that (it also has extra textures here and here.)

Edited to add: that the other violin poses can be adapted to M4 without too much trouble; I used one of them in this scene.

Commercial products inside…

Retro Tech

harlem_cp-01 harlem_cp-02 harlem_cp-03 harlem_cp-04 harlem_cp-05 harlem_daz-10 harlem_daz-11 harlem_daz-12 harlem_rendo-01 (2)

Antique Typewriter || Antique Radio || Antique Gramophone || Vintage Electric Fan || Vintage Mic || Pickup Truck 1930 || Delivery Sedan 1930 || Army Truck 1930 || The Sedan

Notes: The Mesh Wrangler props are also at Renderosity. Doing a search for “steampunk” might also turn up props that could fit the theme, although they might not be entirely accurate. The Sedan car also comes with a police car texture.

Scenes and Scene Add-Ons

harlem_rendo-03 harlem_daz-06 harlem_daz-07 harlem_daz-09 harlem_rendo-04 harlem_rdna-06 harlem_daz-08 harlem_daz-13 harlem_rendo-02 (2)

Deco Hotel || Deco Club Exterior || Deco Club || Paragon Exterior texture set || Speakeasy || Gatsby Dance Hall || Classic Deco || Base Camp The Office Bundle || Film Noir Detective Office

That’s it! If I missed anything you think should be included, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “Freebie Spotlight: Harlem Renaissance 02

  1. If you decide to do a similar theme next year, you could go with the civil rights era. Which is my lead-in to a question: Do you know of any characters for M4 that look like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King? I’ve searched the obvious places, and I’ll probably ask in some of the larger discussion forums today.

    • I did consider that, since it was the 50th anniversary of the Selma march, but went with the Harlem Renaissance for its energy and creativity. I also thought that while lots of people are at least familiar with the pivotal moments in Civil Rights history, quite a few might never have heard of the Harlem Renaissance.

      I don’t know of any Malcolm X or Martin Luther King morphs off the top of my head, but if you have access to the DAZ forums, you might ask about it in these threads: – Celebrity Look-a-Likes for 3D figures – Black Is Beautiful II

      • Oh, didn’t mean to knock your choice of Harlem Renaissance, because it was an important time and a visually fascinating time. But you know how passers-by are about suggesting people do even more work… 🙂

        I’ll check out those threads. Thanks!

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