Add-Ons for the February Theme

Can’t believe I missed that car! I have all the DAZ 1930’s sets, but this one is fancy. So, must have.

harlem_vehicles-1932-pierce-arrow harlem_props-old-radiator harlem_music-sax2 harlem_hair-betty-v3 harlem_hair-golddigger-v3 harlem_hair-betsy-v3v4 harlem_hair-louise-v3v4

1932 Pierce Arrow || Old Radiator || The Saxophone || Betty Hair V3 || Goldigger Hair V3 || Betsy Hair V3 V4 || Louise Hair V3 V4

Also played around a little with the DieTrying morphs for Genesis and the Genesis Roaring 20s set. Fun!


Used the Doll V4 texture, LM Pearls V4, and DAZ’s Finger Wave Bob Hair for V4.


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