A new baby figure on the way

Looks like Chris Creek has started on Luna, a newborn to 4-months-old baby. I’m rather excited about this because I only have the Mil3 Baby and…well, it’s kind of an ugly baby. Poor thing. (But I still have CDI’s Chubblies in my wishlist at DAZ.)

Too bad there’s so little support elsewhere for the HW figures. Dusk has been out a couple months now, and if there was anything for him at Renderosity I must’ve missed it. Saw just a few products at RDNA, mostly Poser-only. I guess I’ll have to pick up that CrossDresser license for him. I knew he wouldn’t get much support, but I’d hoped for more than this. 😦

I held off buying the Skinny Jeans for Dusk because I’m not crazy about skin-tight jeans on guys — I know there’s a loose morph — and I was hoping there would be something baggier. But it looks like I’ll have to buy them after all. I guess I’m just used to being picky like I was with M4 clothing content. Of all the male figures, he had the widest variety of clothing.

I wouldn’t need much for Dusk, though. A nice fantasy and a nice sci-fi set like Xurge3D has done for M4/V4 (and Dawn!), a basic set of jeans, long/short sleeved t-shirt and a hoodie, and maybe a suit. I could make do with that.

I also need to figure out how to use M4’s textures on Dusk. It would be hugely helpful if someone over at HW came up with a way to convert Gen4 textures to Dawn and Dusk. I’d be happy to pay for it; I bought Texture Converter 2 and several licenses and never regretted doing so.

Baby Luna will face the same problems, I’m sure, but HW is committed to their figures and I’ll keep an eye on their store. The silver lining to all this (besides less content = less bank account trauma) is that the official HW produced content always supports DS.


4 thoughts on “A new baby figure on the way

  1. Blacksmith3D used to have some Texture Transfer wizard that worked for converting Gen4 textures to Dawn (and I think she shares UVs with Dusk). I only have a basic edition of Blacksmith version 4, and apparently they removed that convertor from the basic edition of version 5, but I may be mistaken. I haven’t upgraded yet.

  2. Thanks. I found Texture Transformer over at Renderosity. $30 on sale, regularly $50. (I could’ve sworn it was at Hivewire at one point?)

    This has possibilities, but what’s with the CR2 file, if all you want is a material file? Also no M4 support, so I’d have to use TC2 to convert M4 to V4, then this to convert V4 to Dawn for Dusk.

    I’m not sure if the Blacksmith3D Pro is more streamlined and supports a wider set of figures, but that one is unfortunately a bit too pricey for only converting textures from M4/V4 to Dusk/Dawn.

    Which is why I want Hivewire itself to come up with a straightforward converter. Practical and simple, plus in-house support, is a big selling point for me.

    I can understand why there would be some reluctance to make a converter, because it might cut into profits for new texture sets. But I think the advantages would offset the possibility of a few lost sales. Personally, I buy texture sets if I like how they look, even if I already have a lot of them.

    I have a ton of V4 characters, commercial and free, and I still buy characters for her. Not as much as I used to, but right now I have 3DA Agatha: Fairy Godmother Exp, Android Blues 3 and MDD Coral in my wishlist.

    I admit it’s a lot harder to persuade me to buy a regular European female texture for V4 at this point because I just have so many of them, but I still do. Right now, I’m more interested in red-heads and paler textures that aren’t fantasy-related or Goth. Or at least Goth-lite; there has to be a no make up option or I won’t buy.

    I still purchase Mil3 textures! 😛 I have Cade in my wishlist at DAZ. Morris is one of my favorite character vendors, though she doesn’t seem to do as many of them now.

  3. Michele, I just bought Nathan and he was 50% off. You wouldn’t know that until you put him in the cart. So I checked on Cade and he too is 50% off. Would not wait too long though you know MM is fast and furious.

    • Reading comprehension fail on my part, LOL!

      Read the comment, dashed over to DAZ, saw Cade was regular priced, shrugged and said, “Oh, well. Missed it.”

      Came back here and registered the “until you put him in the cart” part and…yeah. My bad. 😛

      Anyway, I’m irritated with DAZ’s sales and pricing policies right now, and the only time I browse there these days is when there’s a simple XX% off sale or to see if there’s something I want in Fast Grab.

      Besides, Dusk needs pants!

      And Star has a male counterpart coming out soon, as per Redspark. I want him…

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