Frederick Douglass for M4



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: M4’s Morphs ++

Info: An attempt at a Frederick Douglass dial morph for M4. This time, I used only the Morphs ++ set. I might still fiddle a bit with Morphus and/or the Elite International Faces, but this didn’t turn out too badly. I did end up using some expression morphs, which I usually try to avoid. Feel free to improve upon the morph (same goes for the Billie V4 one.)

Frederick Douglass is way before the Harlem Renaissance, but he still fits Black History Month…and, anyway, you’ll just have to indulge the RedEyeCat person’s appreciation for hot dead guys. πŸ˜›


An untextured view inside…


Credits: Rob Elite M4, Dead or Alive coat, neck piece from M4 Regency, shirt from The Marquis M4, M4 Beard, and Alicia Hair (postworked.)


9 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass for M4

    • Thanks!

      I agree the hair and beard are way off. Alicia Hair was the best option I had installed, but it’s an old prop and it doesn’t have a lot of morphs. It still looks too curly. The beard is clearly European hair texture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beard prop that would approximate the texture of African hair.

      I also don’t think I’ve seen a beard prop that has something like a “messy” morph, and even fiber mesh beards (I have the one from this set) still look too European.

      Probably the only way to get around this is paint the hair and beard. Something I am not particularly good at, alas.

    • Darryl, thanks for sharing what you’ve done with the Frederick Douglass morph! It looks lovely; a fine tribute to an amazing man. A timely quote too.

      And your beard looks much better than the one I used. πŸ™‚

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