OMG! So Cute!


And she’s mine! πŸ˜€

Just bought the base figure so far; I’ll wait a bit to see what other outfits, hair props, and pose sets she’ll have.

I may now have to budget for the skinny-legged unicorn.

I’m also hoping she’ll get a male counterpart.

From Redspark’s Facebook page

How I wish DAZ’s pricing for new figure shapes was more like this. Impressed by the new Darius and Monique shapes, but DAZ has pretty much priced me out of using this new generation of figures. Happily, there are other new shiny things to play with.

I’m off to make some poses for her, to get a feel for how she handles. Plenty of morphs, including expression dials. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see a CDI morph set for Star.


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