Freebie Spotlight: Dolls #01

Characters, Textures and Morphs

dolls_characters-a3v3-Ling dolls_characters-maddie noel dolls_characters-k4-clara dolls_characters-k4-mara season dolls_characters-k4-mei dolls_characters-k4-piper dolls_characters-k4-cute morph dolls_characters-m4-Eulu dolls_characters-m4-H4 M02 dolls_characters-v4-ami a4 dolls_characters-v4-riho dolls_characters-182 morphs v4 dolls_characters-laura morphs dolls_characters-Long Neck V4 dolls_characters-v4 spandex morph

Ling A3 || Noel for Maddie (morph only) || Clara K4 (also here) || Mara Season K4 || Mei K4 || Piper K4 (also here) || Cute K4 Morph || Eulu M4 || H4 M02 || A4 Ami (also here) || Riho V4 (also here) || 182 Morphs for V4 (G1 / G2) || 135 Morphs for Laura || Long Neck for V4 || V4 Chest Spandex Morph

Notes: The textures are mostly painterly-looking. Ling’s textures work on V3, Laura, and Maddie — and also convert nicely to V4, as shown here and here. I’ve never been able to get Clara’s face morph to work in DAZ Studio; it must be a Poser-only thing. Piper K4 matches Piper V4 (still available) and Nassir M4 (not available, but it’s always worth contacting the vendor to see if they’ll sell privately.) Ami comes with a cracked texture (default and cracked.) I’ve injected the 182 Morphs for V4 into M4 and K4. The 135 Morphs for Laura work on Luke too. (I haven’t yet tried them on any of the other Mil3 figures. According to Mustakettu85 in the comments, they do indeed work on the other Mil3 folks. Edited to add: DS users need the Inject PMD Plugin; a version of the morphs that work in DS4 are here.) Some dolls have long necks; this morph helps with that. The spandex morph is for use with second skins.

Also, the Gen 4 Toon Tones would work well for doll skin textures.

Clothing, Female Figures

dolls_clothes-a3-fairy couture dolls_clothes-a3-idol dolls_clothes-a3-pleated dress dolls_clothes-a3-tink dress 1 dolls_clothes-a3-yukata dolls_Clothes-G2F Hanbok dolls_Clothes-G2F Hydrangea dolls_Clothes-G2F Marina's Swim Suit dolls_clothes-k4-party princess dolls_clothes-k4-Snowdrop Dress dolls_clothes-v4 kimono 1dolls_clothes-v4-c idol dress dolls_clothes-v4-cheap lingerie dolls_clothes-v4-fantastic bodysuit dolls_clothes-v4-gal pal ii dolls_clothes-v4-gymnastics wear 1 dolls_clothes-v4-magical dress 1 dolls_clothes-v4-sakura skater dolls_clothes-v4-that little dress dolls_clothes-v4-tink dress

Faerie Couture A3 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Idol A3 || Little Dress A3 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Tink Dress A3 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Yukata A3 || Hanbok Genesis 2 (shaders) || Beach Wear Genesis 2 || Marina’s Swimsuit Genesis 2 (V4 version) || Party Princess Dress K4 || Snowdrop Dress K4 || Kimono V4, with textures || Cooking Stage Dress A4 || Cheap Lingerie A4 || Fantastic Bodysuit V4 || Gal Pal II V4 || Gymnastic Wear A4 || Magical Dress A4 || Sakura Skater V4 || That Little Dress V4 || Tink Dress V4 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”)

Notes: Trying for a range between fluffy girly dresses, fairy outfits, super heroes, and basic modern stuff that you’d probably find in the Barbie aisle, though I confess it has been many, many years since I’ve done any Barbie doll shopping. When all else fails, there’s swim suits and lingerie. Red Viper’s outfits for A4 generally don’t work well on V4, but there is a V4 fit for the Magical Dress here. Some of these outfits, like the Idol A3 one, have lots of freebie textures at ShareCG and Renderosity.

Clothing, Male Figures

dolls_clothes-m4_golden age suit dolls_clothes-m4-super hero dolls_clothes-m4l-Summer Casual dolls_clothes-m4-kireta 1 dolls_clothes-m4l-Mountie dolls_clothes-m4-yagyu poser dynamic

Golden Age M4 || Super Hero M4 || Summer Casual M4 || Kireta Clothing Set M4 || Mountie for M4 || Yagyu M4

Notes: Not a lot for the guys; either super heroes or Ken-like dolls, with the occasional costume collectible doll. The Super Hero set comes with a hair prop. The Yagyu set is Poser dynamics only, but I’ve used part of it without too much trouble in DS (the site also has other Poser dynamic traditional Japanese clothing.)

Accessories and Shoes

dolls_accessories-sugar plum jewels dolls_headware-toony crown dolls_props-gothic parasol dolls_props-umbrella 1 dolls_wings-flutterby wings dolls_wings-univ wings 2 dolls_shoes-a3 classy shoes dolls_shoes-chic v4 dolls_shoes-platform slides V4 dolls_shoes-leaf boots v4 dolls_shoes-m4 deck shoes dolls_shoes-oiran clogs

Sugar Plum Jewels || Toony Crown || Gothic Parasol || Umbrella || Flutterby Wings (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Universal Wings 2 || Classy Shoes A3 || Chic Shoes V4 || Platform Slides V4 || Leafy Boots V4 (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Deck Shoes M4 (V4 version) || Oiran Clogs

Notes: Again, just basics. Wings for the fairies, crowns for the princesses and ballerinas, high-heeled shoes, and shoes for fairies and costume dolls.

Hair Props

dolls_hair-Baby Short Hair dolls_hair-flip style dolls_hair-spiral twin tails dolls_hair-mitsuami v4 dolls_hair-ella v4 dolls_hair-hero hair m4 dolls_hair-komachi v4 dolls_hair-takashimada v4 dolls_hair-utamaro m4

Baby Hair (textures) || 60’s Flip Style || Spiral Twin Tail || Mitsuami Hair V4 || Ella Hair V4 || Hero Hair M4 || Komachi Hair V4 || Takashimada Hair V4 || Utamaro Hair M4

Notes: There are plenty of other hair props that would work as well; these cover the basics from baby doll hair to super heroes to antique and costume collector dolls. For more traditional Japanese hairstyle, see Fujiko’s gallery or these for the P4 Female.

Next up: displays, props, and scene settings


4 thoughts on “Freebie Spotlight: Dolls #01

    • That’s very good to know!

      DAZ vaulted the morphs for Laura/Luke, which was the main reason I downloaded these.

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