Freebie Spotlight: Dolls #02

Stands, Displays, and Boxes

dolls_props-doll stand + cradle dolls_props-Doll Stand dolls_props-display stand dolls_props-doll shelf wall dolls_props-display cases dolls_props-victorian bell jars dolls_props-bell jar dolls_props-display domes dolls_props-snow globe stage dolls_props_VINN Stand dolls_props-display bases dolls_props-simple scifi base dolls_props-toy boxes dolls_props-box morphing dolls_props-victorian keys

Doll Stand and Cradle for Kiki || Doll Stand for BJD || Display Stand Set || Wall Display Shelf || Display Cases || Very Victorian Bell Jars || Zippys Bell Jar || Display Domes || Snow Globe Stage || Curiosities Stand || Display Bases || Simple Sci Fi Base || Toy Box Props || Morphing Moving Box || Skeleton Keys

Notes: With a little fiddling, the doll stands work with other figures. If you add a key to the side of the Curiosities Stand, it could pass for a music box. Toy Box props for action figures, and maybe your scary haunted doll needs a big box to crawl out of.

Backdrops and Scenes

dolls_props-pedestal + gate dolls_props-toadstool stage dolls_scene-bakery 1 dolls_scene-bakery 2 dolls_scene-toy store

Pedestal with Gate (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || Toadstool Stage (now here; click on “Faerie Dreams”) || The Bake Shoppe with interior view || Toy Store

Notes: The Bake Shoppe could be turned into a doll shop with the use of other shelving and display props. The Toy Store is both for free and for sale; don’t know for how much longer it’ll be free. No longer available…

Doll Figures

dolls_figures-scary cherry dolls_figures-pippin basket dolls_figures-Bunka Doll dolls_figures-Kokeshi Ninja dolls_props-nesting dolls
Scary Cherry || Pippin Basket || Bunka Doll || Kokeshi Ninja (matches this figure) || Matryoshka Doll

Notes: Other kinds of dolls, including the creepy and the cute. All but the Matryoshka Doll are posable…though the little ninja doesn’t have much to pose, his head does have a few movements.

Misc Stuff

dolls_shaders-platic army guys dolls_poses-v4 rag doll dolls_poses-ballet v4 dolls_poses-ballet m4v4 01 dolls_poses-ballet m4v4 02 dolls_poses-ballet m4v4 03

Plastic Army Shader (DS only) || Rag Doll Poses V4 || Ballet & Dance Poses V4 || Ballet Poses M4V4 01 || Ballet Poses M4V4 02 || Ballet Poses M4V4 03

Notes: If there’s a similar plastic army shader for Poser users, please let me know and I’ll add it. 🙂

Next up, a round up of commercial doll-related products that I’ve bought (or haven’t bought, but they’ve caught my eye.)


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