Commercial Links: Dolls

Not intended to be a comprehensive list, but if there’s something you think should be here, let me know in the comments or via the comment form (under Info.)

Characters, Textures – Mil 3 & Gen 4

characters_a3cr_A-Blythe characters_k4_morris-tiffany 1 characters_k4_morris-tiffany 2 characters_m4_mindvis-mannequin characters_v4_mindvis-mannequin characters_v4_DAZ-le-masque characters_v4_DAZ-mingka lumiere characters_v4_DAZ-mingka noir characters_v4_DAZ-raysee doll characters_v4_rc-piper characters_v4_samil-26 black & white characters_v4_mdd-jingles characters_v4_mdd-my little dolly1 characters_v4_mdd-my little dolly2 characters_v4_mdd-my little dolly3 characters_v4_mdd-my little dolly4 characters_v4_mdd-my little dolly5 characters_v4_SV7-Annie characters_v4_SV7-Annie2 characters_v4_SV7-Annie3 characters_v4_SV7-Annie4

Blythe A3 || Tiffany K4/Chibi || M4 Mannequin || V4 Mannequin || Le Masque V4 || Mingka Lumiere V4 || Mingka Noire V4 || Raysee Doll V4 || Piper V4 || 26 Black & White V4 || Jingles V4 || My Little Dolly V4 || Annie V4

Notes: The Blythe textures work on other Mil3 figures, converts well to V4, and is bargain-priced. Tiffany K4 comes with a clean skin as well as a wrecked doll texture — I love the the cracked glass eyes. The M4/V4 Mannequins come with seam morphs, several skin materials, and a stand. Le Masque and Mingka are painterly and doll-like. Raysee Doll has a rag doll face texture, though the skin itself is realistic-looking. Piper (and her unavailable M4 partner Nassir) are fairly smooth-skinned textures; the flower-like fantasy textures are great for faeries. Jingles has a clean texture in addition to the swirly mad Christmas Elf look. My Little Dolly and Annie both have a lot of options to make multiple types of dolls.

Characters, Textures – Genesis & V4

characters_v4_slosh-all dolled up 1 characters_v4_slosh-all dolled up 2 characters_v4_slosh-all dolled up 3 Characters_G1 Ball Joint Doll 1 Characters_G1 Ball Joint Doll 2

Dolled Up V4/Genesis 1 || Ball Joint Doll Genesis 1

Notes: Dolled Up comes with various skin materials, make up options, clothing, and props.  Numerous texture options and shaping helpers are included with the Ball Joint Doll.

Doll-Like Clothing

clothes_a3_llf-ballet clothes_v4_llf-romance tutu clothes_v4_will-degas ballerina clothes_v4_llf-jester clothes_v3_llf-snow bridge clothes_v4_DAZ-my princess clothes_a3_llf-gothic love clothes_v4_DAZ-basic wear clothes_m4_DAZ-basic wear clothes_v4_mada-black alyss clothes_v4_pc-alice clothes_k4_DAZ-50s dress clothes_k4_DAZ-vintage boy clothes_k4_DAZ-vintage girl clothes_v4_mada-florabelle clothes_dawn_mada-flower fairy clothes_m4_DAZ-puck clothes_v4_DAZ-rose fairy clothes_v4-mada-just jokin clothes_v4_rpub-susies rags clothes_a3_llf-light mage clothes_v3_llf-dark mage clothes_v4_propsch-amusements clothes_v4_propsch-imprisonment

A3 Ballet || Romance Tutu V4 || Degas Ballerinas V4 || VI Circus Jester V4 || Snow Bride V3 (A3 / V4) || My Princess V4 || Gothic Love A3 || V4 Basic Wear || M4 Basic Wear || Black Alyss V4 || Wonderland Alice V4 || 50’s Dress K4 || Vintage Boy K4 || Vintage Girl K4 || Florabelle V4 / Genesis || Flower Fairy for Dawn || Puck M4 || Rose Fairy V4 || Just Jokin V4 / Genesis || Susie’s Rags V4 || Light Mage A3 || Dark Mage V3 / A3 || Amusement V4 || Imprisonment V4

Notes: Aiming for what I think covers basic doll clothing, from the traditional to the peculiar. Ballerinas and brides are a common theme, along with swim wear. Most of the RDNA A3 and V3 outfits are bargain-priced; grab them while you can. The Snow Bride V3 converts well to V4 — and there’s always the V4-to-V3 figure option. Both basic wear sets for M4 and V4 are currently free. The K4 50’s Dress comes with dirty, tattered options for spooky chibi dolls. The Vintage Girl is tailor-made for those Holly Hobbie-style dolls (nice free textures on this page and eblank has a goth-ish texture for it here.) The Rose Fairy comes with props: a big rose and a cute ladybug.

There are lots of fairy outfits (Mada!), ballerina sets, and Asian-inspired clothing in various stores, so I know I’m missing a lot here.

Extras & Props

peoplebits_toon-teeth props_i13-doll props props_af-base camp props_llf-vi circus stage props_llf_dress form props_pc-toys of yesteryear scene_dm-dusty memories scene_lukea-toy store

Toon Teeth || Doll Display Props || Base Camp 3 || VI Circus Stage || Curiosities Cloth Dress Form || Toys of Yesteryear || Toys from DM’s Dusty Memories || Toy Store

Notes: Toon Teeth for faker-looking teeth! Use the morphing dome and key from Base Camp 3 to make a music box. Ditto for the circus stage (just add a key.) Dress Dummy to display those pricey doll clothes. Old-fashioned doll props for old-fashioned dolls. The Toy Store backdrop is also listed in the freebies.

Hair, stand-alone figures, and stuff I don’t own (yet!) inside…

Hair Props

hair_3dtub-toon salon 3 hair_ali-Hr 117 hair_ali-hr 142 hair_DAZ-nikkou hair hair_fabi-divine 1 hair_fabi-eternal kyra 01 hair_llf-Mishka 02 hair_llf-penny 1 hair_sm-50s ponytail hair_sm-Spiral Twin Tail hair_swam-miho hair_swam-suzy hair

Toon Salon Hair #03 || Hr-117 || Hr-142 || Nikkou Hair || Divine Hair || Eternal Kyra (expansion) || Mishka Hair || Penny Hair V4 | 50’s Ponytail || Spiral Twin Tail V4 || Miho Hair || Suzy Hair

Notes: Honestly, just about anything by ali will work great for dolls; his hair props are kind of a mix between realistic and toony. (I don’t have Hr-142, but it’s next on my list to add to my ali collection.) Penny Hair is also available for a whole bunch of other figures; just do a search for it at RDNA.

Stand-Alone Figures

figures_3du-toon baby figures_llf-cookie figures_rs-chip figures_llf-koshini 2 figures_llf-ichiro 2 figures_nursoda-hein figures_nursoda-vila figures_aprilysh-kokeshi sakura props_jla-Matryoshka Fantasy

Toon Baby || Cookie || Chip || Koshini 2 || Ichiro 2 || Hein || Vila || Kokeshi Sakura || Matryoshka Fantasy

Notes: Toon figures also look (mostly) like toys. Koshini 2 and Ichiro 2 are bargain-priced, and so are their additional content (what’s left in the store.) Hein and Vila are great for fae renders, although just about anything from Nursoda’s store would work for quirky or whimsical toy figures.

 Stuff I Don’t Own

Characters_G2F Balljoint Doll Characters_G2F Fiends Forever Female Base Characters_G2M Fiends Forever Male Base characters_v4_valea-alysa figures_mayax-anime doll kit figures_mayax-ball joint doll poses_i13-doll stand poses v4 Props_Fiends Forever Doll Stand props_maclean-display props scene_richabri-factory outlet

Ball Joint Doll Genesis 2 Female || Fiends Forever Base Genesis 2 Female || Fiends Forever Base Genesis 2 Male || Alysa Character & Hair V4/Genesis 1 || Anime Doll Kit || Ball Joint Doll || Dolls Delight Poses || Doll’s Moves Stand & Poses || Display Cases || Factory Outlet Store

Notes: The Fiends Forever bases have lots of add-on content. Studio Maya’s figures are oldies but goodies — and you can buy them for considerably less at the vendor’s personal store (please be aware it’s Japan-based.) The doll poses match the doll display props listed above. The factory outlet might be a little large for a doll shop, but then it’s also big enough to allow for multiple camera angles.

Another really nice doll texture that I bought at RDNA, but which is no longer available for purchase, is Porcelain for Miki 2 (you can still buy Miki 2, though I don’t have her.) I bought the Miki 2 license for the Texture Converter 2 just so I could use this on V4 and, by extension, Genesis. Here it is on the Genesis Ball Joint Doll.


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  1. I think Pippin Basket would be a lovely addition to the dolls. She reminds me of the baby dolls I had as a child.

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