Scary Cherry Xtras Add-On



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Scary Cherry (and Baby Hair for the Cherry fit preset)

Info: An set of textures in the same style as the Scary Cherry Xtras, but with four additional skin tones. Reminder: Poser users will need to adjust for the displacement settings since my DS to Poser converter doesn’t handle that.

I wanted to upload the dirty layer I’d used, in case people wanted to reapply it for an even more grubby effect, but apparently I did not save it. I saved the original texture PSD, but somehow failed to add the dirty layer to it. Dumb me. ๐Ÿ˜•

Maybe for Halloween I can come up with a new dirty layer and a bloody one as well.

Previews inside…





Credits: The diaper and shirt that came with the Mil Baby 3 with this texture set and a kid-sized Rocking Chair.


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