Doll Resources

A few stock photos for image editing or resource guides. All are free to use in your projects, even commercial ones. However, I’d be careful about using any of the newer-looking dolls — some of which might be artist dolls — in commercial projects without first checking to see if they’re copyright-protected.

Stock Resources – Deviant Art

dolls_2d-doll-stock-02 dolls_2d-doll-stock-01 dolls_2d-doll-stock-03 dolls_2d-doll-stock-04 dolls_2d-doll-stock-05

Doll Stock 1 || Doll Stock 2 || Doll Stock 3 || Elegant Dolls Pack || Old Dolls Stock Pack

Notes: Please read usage info for each download.

Stock Photos – Free Images

dolls_2d-free-images-01 dolls_2d-free-images-02 dolls_2d-free-images-03

Dolls || Assorted Toys || Doll

Notes: Usage info for “Standard Restrictions” listed under each download link.

Stock Photos – Morguefile

dolls_2d-morguefile-01 dolls_2d-morguefile-02 dolls_2d-morguefile-03

Smiling Doll || Old Doll || Baby Doll

Notes: Usage terms here.

Stock Photos – Pixabay

dolls_2d-pixabay-01 dolls_2d-pixabay-02 dolls_2d-pixabay-03 dolls_2d-pixabay-04 dolls_2d-pixabay-05 dolls_2d-pixabay-06 dolls_2d-pixabay-07

Creepy Doll || Creepy Antique Doll || Doll Leg || Collector Doll || Old Japanese Doll || Creepy Ventriloquist Dummy || Girl Doll

Notes: Public domain images.

Vector Images – Pixabay

dolls_2d-pixabay-08 dolls_2d-pixabay-09 dolls_2d-pixabay-10 dolls_2d-pixabay-11 dolls_2d-pixabay-12 dolls_2d-pixabay-13

Sad Zombie Doll || Weirdly Cute Toy Doll || Kewpie-Like Doll || Kimono Doll 01 || Kimono Doll 02 || Kimono Doll 03

Notes: Public domain. Not sure if the Kewpie Doll look-alike would be okay for commercial images without further checking. Maybe it’s derivative enough to be okay as long as you don’t actually call it a “Kewpie Doll.” Not a lawyer…

Printable Paper Dolls


Vintage Paper Doll

Notes: I didn’t have a handy thumbnail to use, but there are also free printable paper dolls in PDF format here.

I think I may be inspired to do my next texture preview in paper doll format. 😛


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