Rope-Yarn Hair for Toon Salon Hair #03



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Toon Salon Hair #03

Info: I wanted Raggedy Ann hair and couldn’t find any, and so this is the next best thing. A bunch of colors, from natural to fantasy, and six mixed styles.

Poser users will need to manually add in the displacement map because my DS-to-Poser converter can’t handle that. It also has issues with partial materials, so the utility to hide/unhide the skull cap will only work in DS. Sorry, guys…

Though I only included six mixed styles you can manually add others to suit your needs. DS users can apply partial materials with the usual select prop –> select surface area –> double-click on preset of choice –> then select “Ignore” and “Replace.”

I’ll also be uploading the tiling materials for this hair texture, which can be used in DS and Poser like any other tileable material. You can also use it in freebie and commercial hair texture sets.

Inside, I did something with Pippin and V4…

rope-yarn-hair_pippin   rope-yarn-hair_v4 Credits: Cookie Rag Doll, Cookie Party Princess, socks from Kiwi outfit, the Kiki doll stand scaled up, and background from Abandoned. Little Dress for Pippin, Mary Jane Shoes and Tights, Doll Display Props, Shelving Unit, background from Decadence (still available here), Send in the Clowns for Pippin, and clothing textures here. Pippin Basket extra from Twinkle. Kenzi K4, Raysee Doll V4, Wonderland Alice Dress with Alys texture, pantaloons from Urban Fae, pose from Rag Doll Poses, and Stonemason’s really old Urban Sprawl 1 (so old I think it’s gone from the DAZ store.)


5 thoughts on “Rope-Yarn Hair for Toon Salon Hair #03

    • Thanks! V4 makes a pretty good doll when you scale her way down.

      I might’ve gotten a bit carried away with “big” morphs for Pippin…the hair ended up a bit Medusa-like. 😕

        • Laughing at “electrocuted hair.” It’s a very apt description.

          The only rag doll I have is a Holly Hobbie lookalike that my grandmother made for me many years ago. She was one of those cherished dolls that didn’t get played with very much. But Grandma gave her soft angora yarn hair — brown like mine! — and so no electrocuted look for her.

          Some of my Barbies, after my brother got done with them, might’ve qualified though.

          • I like the very process of making dolls and stuffed toys (don’t have that much time for this anymore, sadly); no-one else in the family ever shared the interest. I think I may still have one around, it’s an “anthro” cat girl I made in my teens. I’ll snap a picture if I manage to find her.

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