Rope-Yarn Hair Seamless Tiles

Rope Hair - Chip Wild Hair


Usage: You are free to use these tiles in your commercial and personal projects. You may also use them to make free or commercial hair texture sets. Feel free to alter or build upon them. Where possible, please use them as part of a texture template. Credit is appreciated, but not required. Please do not redistribute or sell the zip archive.

Info: Includes 28 solid rope-yarn hair tiles, 10 mixed-color tiles, a bump / displacement tile, and a specular tile.

Displacement will cause poke-thru issues with hair props that have bands or bows, so using bump settings would work better in those material zones. The tiles work well in DAZ Studio’s Shader Baker, though it’ll probably take a little fiddling around because the view port doesn’t show any changes to the tiling settings — and most hair props will need different setting for different materials zones.

In most cases, the tiles work best with all hair transparency maps removed, which is why they’re particularly suited for toon or toon-ish hair props.

Credit: Vector Ropes

Preview gallery inside…

Credits: Chip Wild Hair, Toon Salon Hair 3, Harmony Hair for Melody/A3, and Daisy Hair V4 (transparency maps removed.)


7 thoughts on “Rope-Yarn Hair Seamless Tiles

    • No shader/material files on this one, just seamless tiles.

      I decided this would be the easiest route to take because my experimenting with the tiles showed it would require extra fiddling with the material zones for each hair prop, which made it harder to do straightforward tiling material files.

      If you think it would make them easier to use, though, I could do so.

      • No need to. I have a base shader that I use to plug in the various tiles into and then I just adjust when I have applied the shader to the surface. I don’t think I have seen a shader that does not need some kind of tweeking. That is not a bad thing that is just the nature of the beast. thanks for offering though.

        • That’s pretty much what I was doing with the Shader Baker preset. For simple flat-mapped toon hair, a material preset like I did with the toon hair materials probably would’ve worked, but I was mostly thinking in terms of a resource.

          I’m so used to just plugging textures into the regular tiler that it’s easier for me to do things without extra presets cluttering up my content folder, but I sometimes forget that not everyone works like that.

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