Bridal trans map for the Desert Rose Veil

Dug into my Filter Forge presets and came up with a netting, though it’s still kind of large-ish. Click on the image to save the transparency map, install it wherever you’d like, then add it in the Opacity channel for the Desert Rose Veil V4:


In DS, my settings for the veil and trim:

  • Diffuse Color: 235, 235, 235
  • Specular: 90%, 125, 125, 125, 10%
  • Ambient: 245, 245, 245, 5%
  • Opacity (veil only): desert-veil-transp.jpg, 100%
  • Lighting Model: Metallic

The result looks like this:


Probably could adjust the veil’s transparency opacity too, for a different look.

I’m fiddling with a bridal texture for the My Princess gown, but again…I am in a lazy mood and progress is glacial. 😛


3 thoughts on “Bridal trans map for the Desert Rose Veil

  1. I was trying to use this veil earlier today but abandoned it because it looked too heavy in it’s native form. Thanks for this trans map!

  2. You’re most welcome!

    I still want to see if I can find a Filter Forge preset that will make a more convincing tulle material.

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