March Madness winds down

And I was moderately misbehaved. Didn’t spend nearly as much as I have in the past, but I still managed to make an impressive dent in my bank balance. It was tax refund month, so I splurged. 😛

Spent the most at Renderosity, where I was told the last time I checked out that if I spent another $15 I’d “qualify for Render Rewards!” Which this month is, yes, 10% instead of 5%, but still…nah. I always find it amusing when I’m told that if I spend $85 more, I’ll get back $5. Anyway, my Renderosity haul this month:

1-m4cl_hunter-suit 1-v4cl_romantic-long shirt 1-v4cl_romantic-long-shirt-textures 1-Clothes_G1-Casual-Autumn 1-k4cl_Beach-Baby 1-headware_london-vanity-textures 1-Clothes_Star-Multi-Shirt 1-shoes_Fads-Slip-Ons 1-v4cr_coral 1-v4cr_Agatha-FG-Exp 1-Hair_V4G2F-Pony-Flip 1-headware_ft-fawn 1-scene_Hydrogen-Station 1-2d_patchwork 1-utility_stitching- tut

The Pony Flip was my freebie grab bag item; I bought the Star Multi Shirt and got lucky with a nice gift. Love the hoodie and pants outfit for Genesis 1; nicely versatile for my purposes. I bought the Sveva stitching tutorial because I suck at stitching details and really need to learn to do a better job.

RuntimeDNA came in a bit behind Renderosity in parting me from my $$$ — lots of great sales and, of course, the release of Star:

2-Morphs_Star-Nether-Morphs 2-Characters_Star Dark-Angel 2-Clothes_Star Creme-Brule 2-Clothes_Star-Single-Pants 2-Clothes_Star-Single-Top 2-Hair_Star-Jazz-Hair 2-Poses_Star Toonitude Potpourri 2-Utility_XD-Star 2-figures_bag-ed-base 2-figures_bag-ed-addon 2-figures_fred 2-poses_a3-ballet-virtuoso 2-poses_NearMe-AniME 2-shoes_jingle-elf-shoes 2-hair_wolf hair 2-v4cl_Kelp-bra 2-m4cl_Kelp-armor 2-animals_sea critters-1 2-animals_sea critters-2 2-headware_K2-bridal-wreath 2-nature_K2-bridal bouquet 2-food_K2-wedding-cake

Discovered after I bought the CrossDresser license for Star that it doesn’t work for the DAZ Studio weight mapped figure. Still, it seems to do okay with simple pants and shirts. Skirts are a mess. Love Bag Ed, and threw Fred in there to keep everything from being too saccharine sweet. 😀 I finally picked up a few wedding props, since they’re hugely discounted and will probably soon disappear from the store.

I feel a need to do a merfolk render project… Edited to add: I worked on making DS mats for Coral and took her for a test drive on my mermaid girl; I like this texture!


HiveWire came in at third place in the race to part me from my money. Finally picked up the Dawn Head Shapes since they were on sale and, in light of the CrossDresser issue, I bought Dusk’s Skinny Jeans. There’s a nice texture add-on for it in my wishlist (along with an alarming amount of horse stuff!)

3-Clothes_Dusk-Skinny-Jeans 3-Morphs_Dawn-Head-Shapes

Honorable Mention for DAZ with one Genesis straight sale item and one Fast Grab item, which also allowed me to pick up the current freebie:

4-Hair_G1-JenaDe-Hair 4-Shaders_Grass Shader 4-lgp_DAZ-The-Tire-Swing

I didn’t even spend $7 at DAZ this March, which is surprising considering how much I’ve spent there during past March Madness sales. That hair is cute, though, and I’ve wanted the grass shader for a while. I wouldn’t have minded adding a few of the Darius/Monique hair props to my library, but I’m kinda irritated they’re separate props for each gender. Considering the price for both, that’s put me off buying them.

Just not a good enough return on money spent. While I know V4 will eventually become obsolete, I can still use Gen4 stuff on Genesis 1, which also works (for the most part) on both genders. Much more economical for me than the current gender split with Genesis 2. But I’m also not the target audience for most of the DAZ products, so I doubt anyone over there cares much about my grumpiness over this. 😉

So…were the rest of you frugal or did your credit/debit cards nearly melt down?


11 thoughts on “March Madness winds down

  1. You sound like me. I swore that I wasn’t going to even get close to qualifying for Render rewards this month and the weekend sales got me anyway, especially this last Friday. Oh well. Maybe I’ll be better next month. ;-P

    • Ha! I can so relate….

      I keep telling myself that it’s time to prioritize to 1) actually render what I buy and 2) learn DS4. Somehow, I keeping failing!

      Trying to type with a fat old lady kitty sitting on my lap and purring. Lots of backspacing and retyping going on here. 😀

  2. Nice stuff Michele. I was a bad girl too. Although I did not spend anything at Runtimedna this time. Just Rendo and DAZ. I am cleaning out my wish lists. So I have that bridal bouquet on my to do list. I am finishing up a headdress add on for the Phantasy Helmet by ADP to change it out to a Russian Folk Dress head piece. Got any ideas on what to do with Russian Folk Dress? It would be pretty cool if to be able to find something that could work. After getting the headdress done I want to write a tutorial on how to do spline models and then the bouquet or bouquets. Really like what you have done and looking forward to Christmas in July.

    • Group hug for the bad girls! (And moderately bad girls too.)

      Looking forward to seeing what you do with the bridal bouquet(s). I love that Phantasy Helmet. First time I saw it, I thought, “Oooh, now I can do fan art of Maestro Delphine!”

      I’ve been considering a theme for exotic headware.

      Not sure about the Russian folk dress, but I’m thinking it would require lots of kit-bashing. I’ll see what I can find after I do a quick look on Google to get a general idea. Also, for texture purposes, this might help:

      Download page is here.

      Christmas in July is going to be fun. Well, at least for me for sure, but hopefully other folks will find some of it useful too!

  3. Thank you Michele for the link. I have a directory just full of these images but not of vectors. Will be very useful. That is a pretty nice headdress.

  4. For the conversion of the headdress I am to the point where I can start compiling the presets, cr2s, pz2s and such. So I would say half way done. Started to look at clothing options. Must say there seems to be minimal at least for V3 but I am still looking.

    • So I have decided that I need to bring my blog back to life and I will be posting my progress there if you want to see it. The blog is I also found out that I have a set of shaders that you made called Gramdma’s Jewelry Box but I could not find a link. I am using the pearl shader on the pearls of the headdress. You think you might be able to offer it again?

      • Just visited; loving what you’ve done with the headpiece so far.

        The clothing I saw on Google images looks to be mostly full skirts, full smocks that are rather high-waisted, and full sleeves — all with lots of decoration and bright colors. A bit challenging, even with kit-bashing.

        You’re the second person to contact me today about a shader set I’d discontinued. :/ I’ll have to see if I still have the Grandma one around, as I pretty much replaced it with the Antiqued Shaders.

  5. Just tried the ivory Antiqued shader and it is not quite the same as the pearl shader from Grandma’s Jewerly Box. If you can’t find it that is okay. It is my go to pearl shader and I was going to recommend it to others if it was around. Funny isn’t it. You think no one is using something and then all of a sudden bam you get told otherwise.

    • I probably have the old set around somewhere, it’s just a matter of figuring out where I’ve squirreled it away.

      As someone who regularly uses freebies, you’d think I’d know that no freebie is too old…

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