Look who’s back in the store


Porcelain for Miki 2 (who converts nicely to V4 with TC2 and the Miki 2 Plugin, and looks pretty good on Genesis as well.) And…she’s a whoppin’ .95 cents right now.

If you’d like to expand your Poser/DS doll resources, she’s a great addition.

I do remember swapping out the eyelash textures for V4 ones — of which I have quite a lot — and experimented with other eye textures too. DS users will need to adjust the materials…though if anyone is interested, I could upload the mats I made for her. Just let me know in the comments if you’d like them.

Edited to add: Okay, download DS materials here for the V4 conversion of Porcelain for Miki 2. Images, info inside…

Broken mat
Default mat
Hi-Gloss preset

Please refer to the readme file about renaming and moving the converted files so that they’ll work with the DS presets.

There was no teeth texture included with the original file so I just kept the teeth mats that load with the default V4. You can of course change this. The makeup masks only work for Poser. At one point I made some simple eyeshadow overlays, and so I included these in the download file. Nothing for lips; try using the diffuse color to darken the lips or slightly change the color.

So…there are materials for the broken texture, the default plain texture, five eye colors, three eyeshadow overlays, and a hi-gloss preset to make either texture extra shiny.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Oh, and the hair prop is Velvet Hair for V4, A4, G4, K4, and Mavka.


6 thoughts on “Look who’s back in the store

    • It’s a pretty texture, with its hand-painted look. I wish A_ had made a version for V4 so it’d be easier for DS users to use it, but I think by now that ship has sailed. šŸ˜›

    • I did; see right in the post where I wrote: “Edited to add: Okay, download DS materials here for the V4 conversion of Porcelain for Miki 2”

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