Finally motivated myself

And made a V4 to Dawn Clone:


Don’t know why I waited so long to do this; it makes Dawn a lot easier to use.

I downloaded the Dawn to V4 pose that’s linked in this post, and then followed this tutorial. I don’t use the CMS so I had to edit the resulting .dsf file — I forgot to uncheck the “compress” box, but at least now I know all I have to do is unzip the result if I screw up.

It works pretty well, along with the smoothing modifier and a few extra tweaks. I haven’t played around with any adjusted body shapes (I don’t have the Dawn Body Shape morph package anyway) to see what happens.

Now if only someone would rescue my lazy butt and do a Dusk-M4 clone. I rescued my own lazy butt…  😛

I started my own and got fairly close but I didn’t save the pose. Because I am stupid. Gah!

I also downloaded the G1, G2F, V4, and A3 clones for Star (I hope this person will make clones for Star’s male companion, Steel, when he finally shows up.) These work about a million times better than the CrossDresser License. Star is adorable in the Cowboy Gumdrops outfit (edited to add that I linked to the wrong one; I used the Genesis version.) Everything worked except for the jet pack. I had to manually scale and position it; the prop distorted quite a bit when posing while it was fitted to her.


Life is good!


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