Still playing with clones

Haven’t had much time to do DS stuff this week, but I am making time to see where I can extend Star’s wardrobe from my already installed clothes. I fully intend to support the figure and buy more for her, but March was kinda expensive — and today DAZ surprised me with a straight up 80% off sale of Gen4 stuff. I was, shall we say, less than frugal. 😕

So, experimenting shows me that the A3 clothing can be a little difficult in the boob area. V4 stuff works pretty well. G2F too, though I seem to have lost the ability to use the smoothing modifier on those clothes. Odd.

Anyway, sharing a few of the more successful conversions:


Above would be Horror Survivors -Cris for V6. I’m surprised by how well the gloves and shoes converted; these are usually problem areas.


This one is Wood Fairy V4 with the Sylvana textures. Also, the free Leafy Boots V4 from FaerieDreams.


And…this is Hailey for A3.

Had a few issues with this one, but was able to work around the breast defect by dialing the chest plate to zero opacity. Hair had to be fitted by hand. The chains didn’t work, but I can live with that. There’s some distortion on the round metallic bits, but I can fiddle with this in postwork too.

All in all, definitely worth downloading these various clones if you have the DAZ Studio version of Star.


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