So…I now have DS 4.8 installed

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, but it’s old and wimpy and this fancy new iRay render engine scorns it. Kicked me right back to CPU mode, jeering “Get your lame-ass GPU outta here!”  😛

I see the DAZ folk have at least pinned a forum topic with links to other multi-page topics to browse.

I have no patience for that right now, but I’ve downloaded a few PDFs to read. I’ll switch back to 3Delight until I get a better handle on this. (And it’s not like I’m all that interested in photorealism anyway.)

Though I have to say, that shadow catcher bit? Nice!

Baby Luna

I bought Luna on release day and finally sat down yesterday to do a render. A very nice figure — much cuter than that poor Mil3 Baby — and it comes with a decent set of basic morphs to change the age/appearance of the baby.

Bath time!

I kept the default age, added a few face morphs, and a bit of chubby body. I really like the figure; a welcome addition to the Hivewire family. Of course I want more morphs — my usual refrain. I’ll have to see about adapting some of those free Dawn morphs to work with the baby while waiting for more from HiveWire.

For basic wear, this baby needs a t-shirt, a onesie, and booties. I’d also like to see a disposable diaper and/or a diaper cover. Maybe the latter can be done with a texture. I put my son in cloth diapers when he was a baby (though some day care providers insisted on disposable, which I could understand) and used diaper covers for them. They worked pretty well.

I’d also like to see a little dress and overalls — the kid wore a lot of Oshkosh B’Gosh when he was a baby/toddler — and a blanket (bunting?) type of thing, especially if one is doing a historical render. A simple stroller would be awesome.

Morphs-wise, I’d like a few more depth options for the chin, lips, nose, and eyes; a morph to move the nose and/or mouth up or down; philtrum morphs, and a few more shaping morphs for the nose and nose bridge. Maybe some puffier eye morphs, and a little extra control on the front teeth would also be great.

Oh, and hair! Baby-appropriate hair. That kid up there has way too much hair for its age. The only baby hair props I have are AprilYSH’s Baybee Hair and Pines’ Baby Short Hair (materials here.) Edited to add: I didn’t use those because I wanted curly hair; all my curly hair props are quite…voluminous.

The expression morphs are excellent, and the poses included have a nice range of the basic poses you’d expect for a baby. All in all, a great starter package at a very affordable price.

Limited Time Freebie: M4 Hero Pack Bundle

Whoa. M4 Hero Pack bundle! For folks who don’t have M4’s Morphs ++ yet, here’s a chance to get them. I have no idea how long this deal will last, but I wouldn’t delay. There is a lot you can do for M4 with just the Morphs ++ package. For example:

He’s wearing the Beck M4 texture, which is also in this bundle.



I’d bought most everything already, but I didn’t have Epsilon (it’s been in and out of my cart more times than I can count), the Jamie Hair (also for V4), and the M4 Texture 02.


A mommy brag post, totally unrelated to anything DAZ or Poser, but I must do it. I think it’s part of the mom job description. 😛

My son, Jerott, had his commencement ceremony yesterday evening. He now has his Masters of Science in Biotechnology. As he might say, “Yaasss!”

With the girlfriend, before the ceremony
Receiving the “diploma” (the real one arrives in a few weeks in the mail)
The Class of 2015 getting lots of deserved applause
The whole Class of 2015

He’s also attending the big ceremony at UW’s Camp Randall Stadium today, and I think they narrowly missed being rained upon. Beyond that, I believe there will be much partying the rest of the weekend!

Things I’ve forgotten I’ve bought

Such as Designfera’s Photoshop Action script Energy Field Maker, picked up way back in February of 2008.

I tried to give my urban shaman a bat that transforms into a magical staff thingamajig…it’s a work in progress

It’s sparkly! I like sparkly things, so why did I forget I had this? Who knows.

The script creates the effect on a transparent background along with a black background layer, for easy copying to other backgrounds. There are multiple effect options, each with a “random” button. It’s pretty easy to use too.

I’ve decided to put myself on a content purchasing moratorium through the end of the summer, mostly in an effort to force myself to properly learn DS4 and to actually render the many (and often forgotten!) items I’ve already bought.

(The exceptions to this moratorium are new figures I want, like Star’s male counterpart Steel and Hivewire’s new baby Luna. Also, if DAZ should, for some crazy reason, put Darius, Monique, Lee and/or Mei Lin on sale for $10 or under, I’d be an idiot not to grab them. The latter is unlikely, so I’m probably in no danger there.)