Things I’ve forgotten I’ve bought

Such as Designfera’s Photoshop Action script Energy Field Maker, picked up way back in February of 2008.

I tried to give my urban shaman a bat that transforms into a magical staff thingamajig…it’s a work in progress

It’s sparkly! I like sparkly things, so why did I forget I had this? Who knows.

The script creates the effect on a transparent background along with a black background layer, for easy copying to other backgrounds. There are multiple effect options, each with a “random” button. It’s pretty easy to use too.

I’ve decided to put myself on a content purchasing moratorium through the end of the summer, mostly in an effort to force myself to properly learn DS4 and to actually render the many (and often forgotten!) items I’ve already bought.

(The exceptions to this moratorium are new figures I want, like Star’s male counterpart Steel and Hivewire’s new baby Luna. Also, if DAZ should, for some crazy reason, put Darius, Monique, Lee and/or Mei Lin on sale for $10 or under, I’d be an idiot not to grab them. The latter is unlikely, so I’m probably in no danger there.)



5 thoughts on “Things I’ve forgotten I’ve bought

  1. I hope that Steel is going to be cute. I can refrain from buying female toon figures (I do have enough of them), but there aren’t half as many good male toons. I had high hopes for DAZ’s Cory, but I don’t like his looks _at_all_.

  2. Sorry for the late response…been a busy week!

    If Steel is in the same style as Star — similar to Cookie and Chip — he should be cute. Hitomi and Hiro 5 are up there among my favorite toons; I just love their looks. I like a lot of what 3D Universe did for Genesis 1, but nothing so far for Genesis 2 has interested me. Cory reminds me a lot of 3DU’s older figure, Dennis.

    Aeridis made a male morph for Star, which comes with clones for the G2Male, M4, and H3. She makes a cute guy:

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