A mommy brag post, totally unrelated to anything DAZ or Poser, but I must do it. I think it’s part of the mom job description. 😛

My son, Jerott, had his commencement ceremony yesterday evening. He now has his Masters of Science in Biotechnology. As he might say, “Yaasss!”

With the girlfriend, before the ceremony
Receiving the “diploma” (the real one arrives in a few weeks in the mail)
The Class of 2015 getting lots of deserved applause
The whole Class of 2015

He’s also attending the big ceremony at UW’s Camp Randall Stadium today, and I think they narrowly missed being rained upon. Beyond that, I believe there will be much partying the rest of the weekend!


10 thoughts on “Graduation!

  1. I bet it was. My boy should have been graduating this month as well, with his Masters in Engineering, but I think he has put that project on the shelf. I have progress on the bridal bouquet I promised. Posted it on my blog. Still need some work, well actually lots of work. But I just had to pull it into DAZ and give it a whirl just to see if it was going to work or not. And again so happy for you. It does a person’s heart good when a child achieves such a milestone.

    • Perhaps your son will come back to it? Sometimes life has a few detours. I had planned to return to school and get my masters in museum management or conservation work, but then I had a baby and my life went in another direction. Can’t say I regret it at all.

      Off to check out your bridal bouquet!

    • Thanks!

      Hopefully he’ll find a decent job soon. Due to the current political climate in the US, it’s not the best time to be a scientist — lots of funding cuts, among other things — but hopefully that’ll turn around before too long. His program positions graduates more for work in the private sector than in academics, so that should help too.

      • Let’s hope for the best. Either way, I don’t think the US will make it as bad for state-funded science as it is here in Russia. Your politicians may be somewhat too fond of the military, but at least they realise that if scientists starve, no progress happens anywhere, military applications included.

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