Limited Time Freebie: M4 Hero Pack Bundle

Whoa. M4 Hero Pack bundle! For folks who don’t have M4’s Morphs ++ yet, here’s a chance to get them. I have no idea how long this deal will last, but I wouldn’t delay. There is a lot you can do for M4 with just the Morphs ++ package. For example:

He’s wearing the Beck M4 texture, which is also in this bundle.



I’d bought most everything already, but I didn’t have Epsilon (it’s been in and out of my cart more times than I can count), the Jamie Hair (also for V4), and the M4 Texture 02.


8 thoughts on “Limited Time Freebie: M4 Hero Pack Bundle

  1. I grabbed it last night. I had some of the items but not all and a couple of them were in my wish list. I’m a happy camper right now!

    • Maybe M4 will get a little renaissance! I still keep an eye out for M4 stuff; he’s a figure I like using. A comfortable relationship we have, me and M4. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing that news! How did you spot it? I thought I was keeping up on DAZ’s freebies, but clearly, I’m not doing as well as I’d thought.

    • This one through the “Daily Freebies” link. I usually have most of these already — quite a few were “olden days free” freebies — but every now and then something useful for me shows up.

      • I’m wondering if there was a mixup at Daz, because when I checked the freebies page, it wasn’t listed, yet it’s still free. Ah, well. Whatever happened, thanks for ensuring others found it!

        • Could be a mix up; surely wouldn’t be the first time!

          It also might not show up if you went back to look at it after you bought it — if you were still logged in, it wouldn’t show because of the prior purchase.

          Either way, it’s not likely to last much longer, even if most of the freebies in that section stick around for like a month or so.

    • Ooooh, thanks! Just checked it out and there’s actually a lot of things in that one I don’t have. Amazing, after all these years…

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