So…I now have DS 4.8 installed

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, but it’s old and wimpy and this fancy new iRay render engine scorns it. Kicked me right back to CPU mode, jeering “Get your lame-ass GPU outta here!”  😛

I see the DAZ folk have at least pinned a forum topic with links to other multi-page topics to browse.

I have no patience for that right now, but I’ve downloaded a few PDFs to read. I’ll switch back to 3Delight until I get a better handle on this. (And it’s not like I’m all that interested in photorealism anyway.)

Though I have to say, that shadow catcher bit? Nice!


10 thoughts on “So…I now have DS 4.8 installed

  1. I haven’t installed 4.8 yet, but I’ve heard that it features a faster-rendering version of 3Delight than 4.7. So there’s that much at least for those of us trudging along on old machines.

    • I’d heard too that 3Delight was faster — and 4.7 was already noticeably faster than DS3, so this makes me happy.

      The test renders I did do in iRay weren’t too bad and didn’t seem to take excessively long, though I think surface settings look like they might be getting a lot fussier.

  2. Iray will use GPU only if it can fit the whole scene into GPU RAM. Otherwise it reverts to CPU, and it’s just not that different from 3Delight anymore without the GPU acceleration.

    And while 3Delight is perfectly capable of physically based shading and other “photorealism”-oriented things (and you can mix cartoon shading and PBS in the same scene!), Iray cannot really handle anything outside of “photorealism”. It’s great at stuff like archviz, but that’s that.

    • The few test renders I’ve done look nice, though they take a long time. I can see it being useful, but I’m not sure yet if it’s something I’d always want to use.

      I could probably upgrade my computer to get more processing power…or, if I really need close-up photorealism, I could just head over to istockphoto and spend about $15 to $30 for stock photos and be done with it. It would be less trouble, not to mention less expensive.

      It’s kind of ironic, because what caught my attention re: 3D — way back in the DS 1.8 days! — was how stock photos were often very expensive and DS might be a way to work around that.

      • I think right now Iray can be particularly useful for renders of the “jewelry ad” sort, what with all the built-in support for Abbe numbers an’ stuff (one-click caustic sampler etc).

        And Iray must have been a great boon for gamers who play AAA titles – i.e. those who already had a GPU with 4+ GB RAM or would need to buy it either way some day soon.

        Other than that… I just don’t have the time for a proper series of tests in CPU-only mode (outside of specialised optics stuff that I haven’t even started tacking for 3Delight), but I do suspect 3Delight may very well win because it is CPU-optimised.

        • Looks like some nice shaders were included too. Especially in regards to car paint — now my VW Bug from Content Paradise can look all snazzy! I’ve always struggled with car textures; most of them have been Poser materials only.

          The learning curve on Iray looks pretty steep, though I finally made it through all 40+ pages of the tips and tricks for newbies topic at DAZ. Bookmarked a few more tutorials and videos, and downloaded a set of free lights from a Facebook post. Now I’ll have to find the time to experiment.

          Or simply wait for more render presets and lights to hit the store, ha!

          In all seriousness, I really admire the efforts people make in the quest for photorealism in 3D, both hobbyists and pros. Some amazing artwork and effects out there. It’s just that the photorealism hasn’t ever been a goal for me.

          • I’d want to find a more tech-oriented explanation of the material models used in Iray. Like, that translucency thing, how exactly it is calculated, because just looking at it makes little sense to me =)

            • Not much makes sense to me. It’s getting to the point where DAZ is not only getting a bit expensive, but also rather complicated. Good thing I can stick with 3Delight — though the light emitter, and DzFire’s new light set, are very tempting!

              If only DAZ would produce decent user manuals…

              • Iray isn’t a DAZ product, so I’m hoping to find a decent manual for Maya users or somesuch. The material models will be the same.

                And if you want light emitters, you can just use mesh lights (like UberArea) in 3Delight. They’re not that slow anymore.

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