Maybe it’s time to try Genesis 1’s morph dials

I’m only how many years late? 😛 I picked these up a while ago, but as usual didn’t get around to doing anything with them. A bad habit; buying stuff and then forgetting about it.


I used a couple of the DieTrying V4 morphs that were converted to Genesis, but mostly just the head/body morph set. I like her; a face with a little character.

Not a whole lot of options in the dials, but I’m not sure anything will ever replace my huge selection of V4 morph sets.

A request for Poser visitors — also, Genesis 3?

It’s come to my attention that some Poser users dislike using the pz2 material files, and it’s easy enough for my converter to make both; it’s just an extra click. BUT the converter does not do partial mat files in mc6 format. Then I realized — after all those years spent converting mc6 files to pz2 so DS3 could read them — that I could try converting in the opposite direction!

I have to edit the files manually, but there aren’t too many of them so I think it’s doable. But first I’d like to make sure the edited files actually work in Poser. Since I don’t have Poser installed, I need a little help please?

If someone would download this file — deleted — and let me know if partial mats for the Tuco Hat bands work, I’d really appreciate it. Links to the needed hat props in the readme file.


And…so I woke up this morning to the Gen3 Female in my email inbox. My first reaction was to roll my eyes. I barely have any Genesis 2 content as it is — I still don’t have the morph sets — and now this. Then again, maybe not having a lot of Gen2 content works to my benefit. It’s not as if I was heavily invested in that figure.

Anyway, I downloaded the free Starter Essentials set (thanks DAZ!) and took Ms. Genesis 3 Female for a test render in Genesis 2 Female clothing, and I’m pleased to see that things converted quite well. I used the Urban Survivors outfit on her and Eloiny Hair. The Eloiny Hat broke a bit, but it’s probably easy enough to work around that next time I use it.


3Delight render; I forgot to switch it to Iray.

Christmas in July

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa’s little tropical hideaway

Because some parts of the world don’t have snow during their holiday season. This theme kicks off in July, but one gift grab bag is a little early.

Edited to add: Last year’s Summer Solstice freebie lists have a lot of beach-related props and clothing that would be useful for this theme.

Credits: Aged for V4/M4, Stylin M4, All Time Hair, Mitch Hair, top from Shirt Set for V4, Kirwin’s Shorts V4 (no longer available), FB Add-On hat and sandals, Rustic Shack, Palm Trees, Tropicals, Hanging Plants, Lawn Ornaments, DNA Multi Wreath, Santa Hat, Holiday Lights, Holiday Bulbs, Flagstone Paths, Grass One, Picket Fence Kit, Mil Cat, Letters & Numbers, Rocking Chair, and curtains from an old DAZ Christmas PA Freebie, Holiday Room, which is no longer available. Background image from Pixabay.

REC Tropical Holiday Materials



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

The materials can also be used as a merchant resource. This means you can make freebies with them to share with others, as well as use them for commercial products.

Edited to add: If you want just the plain fabric tiles — without the texture added — you can download them from this gallery page. If you’re interested in using them with texture template files rather than a shader preset, this is probably the best way to go. There are a couple texture tiles included, or you can use your own resources.

Info: Getting an early start on the Christmas in July theme with a set of tropical Christmas-themed materials for DS3 and DS4. There are corresponding bump maps, and the sand tiles also have displacement maps to add a little more texture. Utility presets to change the tile ratio and/or angle included; some manual adjustment may be required depending on the tile and what it’s being applied to. Some patterns look nicer with a smaller tile ratio, others look better with a larger one, and sometimes it helps to shift the horizontal or vertical offset.

These are mostly clothing tiles, but a few can be used for props or furniture. There is also a preset to turn a skirt into a grass skirt, though it works better on some skirts than others. Skirts that are knee-length or longer appear to work best.

The material presents won’t work in Poser, but the tiles themselves can be applied in the program in the same way any other tiling materials are used.

Tiles were created in Filter Forge, and some also make use of the following resources — Santa Hat Clip Art from; Pack Four/Fabric (hmm, site was there just a few months ago when I wrote the readme file); Public Domain vector art from Pixabay; Hawaiian Brushes by Mystikel; Santa Figure by elleque; Hawaiian lei prop from Hula Dancer V4, and DAZ’s Seahorse.


Notes: On some outfits, the bump map causes poke-thru. When that happens, I adjust the z-scale to about 101% and that takes care of the problem. If you have any questions about the set, please let me know!

Bunch of previews inside…

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