V4 Hero Pack, Also Free

Another great limited time freebie: V4 Hero Pack. Thanks to abelundercity for pointing it out. The M4 version lasted about a week, so I’d guess that’s about as long as this one might be available. Grab it while you can, especially if you don’t have V4’s Morphs ++ set yet.

There were a number of products I didn’t have. I am especially grateful for the bodysuit expansion pack and the Grace character. I didn’t realize Grace came with a skull cap for her hair; that could be very useful.

(( I have no idea why the Ankle Wide Belt Pumps are in the V4 set, as they’re for A3/SP3/V3. Weird. ))

FWIW, a couple other items on the freebie page might also be worth downloading if you don’t already have them: The Zombie Graveyard Bundle (I kinda like Grim, even if he’s really old) and the SpeedLight Outdoor Lights, though they can be a bit over bright. I usually do multiple renders for layering in PS/PSP, and these lights have come in handy a few times. I used them for one of the renders of tropical Santa Dawn that’s pinned right now on the main page.


4 thoughts on “V4 Hero Pack, Also Free

  1. Thanks for this tipoff. Since I have Aiko 3 those pumps will be useful. Also the hair will be very useful as well. Most of the other things I already have.

    • I have A3 and V3 too, so it’s something I can use. Just thought it was odd, even if V4 does come with a V4 to V3 figure.

      I didn’t have either of those hairs or the outfit, so it was a pretty good freebie for me!

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