3Delight in DS 4.8 is a LOT faster


This took a little over 5 minutes, even with transparencies (the vine leaves) and the Age of Armour grass shader, which I’m pretty sure is mostly displacement.

I tried it in IRay, but all my grass just up and disappeared. Boo.

And speaking of disappearing things, can anybody tell me where the tilt camera went in DS 4?


Edited to add: the tilty cam was kind of handy for views like this:

Uninvited_Guest Visigothic medico-della-peste Archaeologists_in_Space

Credits: A Curious Passage, RDNA Mushroomz Small Cluster and Rings 2, Rons Birds, DAZ Dimension Lights 1, this background, and the nifty (and maybe a little creepy) Human Tree by xmas-kitty, using the tree bark tile up there under “Tiles.”


5 thoughts on “3Delight in DS 4.8 is a LOT faster

    • Ah! Okay, I see how that works. Not quite sure why it was necessary to get rid of the icon, but as long as I can still get that effect, I’m good.

      I should probably update my DAZ Studio User Guide. Well, it is there. Looks like I get an “F” for reader comprehension…

      • I’d say that the whole redesign of camera controls has been rather mysterious: like, why is the bar on the other side of the viewport in DS4? Why still no option to put it back left??
        Ah well. Guess we should be happy we still have these controls, if edited, and not the Poser/Bryce/Carrara type of controls that I personally find rather clunky.

        • Sheesh, it’s been so long since I opened up either Carrara or Bryce that I had to go look at their camera control set up to get a feel for what you meant! 🙂

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